First Day Jitters

I woke up at 9- as usual. Supposedly the only class i got started at 4 today. But i checked my phone and, SURPRISE!- Business Statistics lecture at 11.


Rushed breakfast and shower only to receive another text saying

“Pbspeaking lecture on NOW!”


I started cursing and swearing. Called Rachel and cursed together with her. LOL. Then Keith called. Mr Francis told me to calm down and said that the 10 am lecture isnt important. It was just the handing out of the REAL time table. At this point in time i felt like killing something. So yah. Whatever. Rushed to tamp interchange to purchase consession.

Cheesepie. The queue at the ticket counter at the bus interchange was long. I was cursing in my head. Rushed over to the mrt station ticket counter. CHEESEPIE. KNN. Bloody ass long queue. Went back to the bus interchange ticket counter. Wasnt so long. queued up. thank you lady for doing yr job efficiently and fast. Then when it came to my turn, i realised that the Muddy Fishballs (Motherfuckers. I’m trying to cut down on my vulgarities. HAH) queued up not to change their ezlink card, or get a concession. THEY WERE QUEUEING UP TO TOP UP THEIR FREAKING EZLINK CARDS LA. easflweabfiwahrewa;iherfaw;indsbhefawihefnoaew;. cheesepie. GOT NO ATM CARD AH? Or walk the lazy ass to the mrt station and use the 10-12 add value machines there??? dont waste my time, and dont waste space to queue. I’m in a state of emergency and u take up space to queue up at the ONLY place i can top up my concession. WTH. Angry.

Grr. So i took 69. By then i was really pissed (thanks to the drama that morning) that i told Rachel if the bus didnt come, i’ll massacre everyone in the bus and be the country’s number 1 mass murderer. ANGRY. rawr. But on the side. class was okay. I hyperventilated a little when i found out i was doing stats again. I’m not calculus genius. I’m not even good at it. depressing. paid attention in class anyway, and went for lunch after. Bought 2 books which cost me 54 bucks. and tmr i’m supposed to get 2 more which costs 43 bucks for both. Rachel brought Garrett to school today. Garrett is her new Mac Laptop. I swear she said Garrett more than 20 times today. With that, she named my laptop Sheldon. Sexy, i know. Well, it beats the name of my BROKEN waterbottle, Kinku. Kinku is broken. Thanks to Hakim. (sad face) Daniel’s laptop is named Josephine, WeiWei’s laptop is named Bob, and Sok Yee’s is Zachary. We were THAT bored while waiting for our Comp application lecture to start. I’m in the same lecture with Dhab and Wahidah in comp application. LOL! random shit.

I got loony in comp application lecture. I wasnt even paying attention. WOOOPSIE. haha. I was busy making jokes with Rachel. till she like scolded me la. But anywwaaays. That was school today. met loads of peeps. Pbspeaking tmr.. shd be interesting (smirk)

Tiara loves 1A02.


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