I’m just a little girl lost in the moment

Went out with Enno to watch Fast & Furious 4. It was DOPE. And she couldnt stop laughing at my voice -.- after that i met the cullens for lunch. I was starving by then and i grew weak. haha! typical of tiara. so yah. ate at BK. I swear BK has the best burgers ok.

So we went to one fullerton next to rhel and diq’s workplace. had some drinks and slacked. sadly, the dude who was the manager that day wasnt the nice one so they couldnt give us discounts =( but anyway, i enjoyed catching up with my mates. It really made my day =) went to aljunied and sweated like crazy while walking there. Aryssa is getting cuter by the minute and she wont cry when we carry her anymore. And finally Eka is in the TP spirit. HAHA! we did the TP handsign song. And the rest laughed -.- but Aniqa thought it was interesting and kept watching. lol. i really wanted to watch the sixth sense, but i got bored half way and showered. nyahahha

Class in the morning tmr. Then I’ve got to follow mum n dad to a wedding reception in the afternoon at malay village. zzzz. School starts on monday and i have no idea what time it starts cos i’m confused. i dont know if i shd follow the time table or the pieces of paper that they gave us which has very unclear instructions about classes. so now i really have no idea what time to head to school. depressing. but nevermind. haaaa. till next time


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