HSS lost. But I had fun anyway! The emcees kept coming to us cos they were amazed at how loud we could be even though we were the smallest school šŸ˜€ The cheerleading thing was fun too! although i didnt manage to get the shoulder sit right, i still made it anyway. Eh come on la. it was cheerleading 101 in half an hour -.-

I love 1A01! I’m with Rachel Tay and Keith Yau. Omg. Lectures are not gonna be boring with Rachel around! My stick =p I mean, my SEPTOR. ahhahahahha. Rachel came up with this word: HIRED. High + Tired. I laughed in the LT. I already miss Grace’s TEE-A-RAAAAAAA~ and and Rachel calls me TEE-EH-RA. Lol. Omg so sexy. Haha!

Classes start on monday. Already printed out my time table. Lecture at 10am. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited cos I’m gonna study something I have passion for. And nervous cos I’m afraid I cant do it = the day ended with one of the GEM girls dislocating her knee =x she screamed like mad ar. Grace, Rachel and I started to cry. But she’s fine now, thank Goodness. The day ended with Jam n Hop. Didnt have as much fun though. It wasnt the best jam n hop I’ve been to. And as i was queueing up to go inside the sports hall, there were these dudes in front of me who used their friend’s matric card to get in. but they couldnt cos the cards didnt belong to them.

I guess I had fun. Congrats to business for winning! YAYEEE! congrats to AS for winning the cheer competition! and congrats to Design for winning best spirited! and congrats to all the dragonboaters who won. lastly, congrats to TP for having fun!!! TP OIIEEEEE!

TP is indeed the best poly in singapore.


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