The truth.

I just got back from a short getaway with my parents. I went to bangkok. I’ll start with the first day.

I left on Friday evening, so we reached BKK at night. Did a little bit of shopping after checking into the hotel and went back to rest. So, our hotel this time was located near the district where alot of Arabs went to. Which meant that most of the food were halal (YEAH!) For supper, Dad went down to get kebabs. THE KEBABS WERE FUCKING ORGASMIC OK. IT WAS FUCKING NICE. I MISS IT ALREADY. RAWR. it was really nice. The juices from the beef could be tasted…The crunchy vegetables and the thick sour cream.. Arggghhhhh. I want it so bad. T_T

I took the yellow flu pill cos i was sneezing like nobody’s business and i slept like a pig ar. slept till the next morning and headed down for breakfast. After breakfast, what else? SHOP LA! no time to waste. TIME IS MONEY! shopped and shopped. went to Jatujak market. mum was excited cos u can get almost EVERYTHING from there. butttt, it started to pour. sadly, the drainage system in jatujak market was not that good and it caused the whole place to flood- like ankle deep. So we left. had some lunch and cntinued to shop. Sunday was the same. Also, mum, dad and i wanted to go to this shopping centre. when we reached there, it was closed ar. we were wondering why. then it struck us- the protestors were coming our way. the whole building was evacuated for safety precautions. we didnt take much cnsideration about it cos its like, the protests havent got to where we were and we refused to get all paranoid and shit.  i was left alone for a little while in the hotel room after a whole day of shopping. usually i’d freak out. like really freak out. even when i’m showering. but i stayed in the room alone while mum and dad went for their massages. massages are not for me cos i’ll totally disrupt the peaceful ambience with my laughter -.- soooo. i used dad’s lappy to go online. talked to some people. watched americas best dance crew and americas next top model. Wanted to shower, but i realised that the people forgot to give us our towels -.- so i had to wipe myself with those mini face towels shit. -.- damn pathetic. prayed and continued watching my shows before the internet terminated and it left me lying on the bed watching Dude where’s my car on HBO. About 10 mins later mum and dad came home… WITH KEBABS! YESSA!!!!!!! that just made my day. heeee.

TODAY, was Songkran festival. It’s the water festival to mark the new year in Thailand. We went out for a while to get some last minute stuffs. and i got wet. I even got chalk. water guns everywhere… it looked fun, but i wasnt in the mood, besides, i wasnt even dressed up for it. so yah. we quickly headed back cos the news started being really over the top, and it kinda got to us a little. we got ready, packed and left for the airport. we were kinda scared that the riot will go all the way to the airport which caused us not being able to return home. thankfully, we reached the airport safe and sound, checked in, and went into the transit. Had some food while waiting cos Dad was starting to get pale and weak cos of his diabetic medication. by then it was time for our flight. so off we went.

Through this trip, i learnt alot actually. although i didnt really spoke much about it, most of the things were running through my head. I kept thinking about someone whom i dont think even remembers my name, or how i look like. when my family members texted/called to ask if my family and i were okay, i felt that i meant something. Just because there are some people who dont give a fucking shit whether I’m dead or alive, it doesnt mean that i dont mean anything to the rest who care. And i figured that all this while i’ve been fretting so much, blaming myself and feeling stupid cos i brought myself my own misery, i forgot how wonderful life is. I forgot how amazing, and how spectacular life is. To see the sunsets and the fluffy clouds.. To see little kids running around.. To see how Allah can change things so fast.. To see how politics can affect the whole country.. it’s amazing how human beings are. To see what people would do to earn money. Some become prostitutes to just get food on the table. some go as far as to sell porn to me (OF ALL PEOPLE).. life at bkk is way different than it is in singapore. roads arent as clean.. side vendors selling pirated dvds..people with no legs lying on the floor begging for money.. and here, we all take things for granted. what kind of people are we? complain here, complain there. complain that the rules in the country are too tight- when in bkk, there’re freaking protests going on! I’m just amazed. I’m also amazed by technology. How I’m so far away and can still talk to people who matter. HECK AR. I didnt even have to call ok. THEY (or HIM, for that matter) CALL ME. Pictures up tomorrow.



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