I miss Jairus Ang! plus.. FOC is tomorroww!

Chatting with Jairus after God knows how long. LOL! and he has a blog that he shares with his friend. I just read it and i think it’s damn hilarious. especially posts by him. The idea of the blog is damn cool. I think i may try it out, just so that my blog wont die of being boring. HAH! Reading his works makes me laugh. I truly miss the times when we’d talk cock and I’d laugh at almost everything he says. Nyahaha. We sat beside each other for 2 years, and we were classmates for four years. and now we’re gonna be in the same poly! HAPPINESS! hahaha. I miss him ok.

It’s like 1230am. And FOC is tomorrow.




I’m a cross between feeling excited and scared. haaa. my things are packed, and i’m amazed that my stuff fit 😀 Maybe cos i didnt bring my face stuff. It’s a camp, come on. Gonna miss home. Laaadeeedaaa. on the bright side, i’ll be meeeting new people. but on the other hand, my beloved scandal, XY is not coming =( My bimbos backed out too. Only Jaws and I are going; together with jon, sondra, keith yau and some other peeps. Tricia’s coming too. Well, three days of screaming and shouting for no apparent reason, forging bonds, getting tanned, rushing to use the cubicles in the toilet, waking up early to use the shower… It’s been a looong time since i went for an overnight camp- with the hostel stay as an exception cos i mean, they had beds.

Thankfully we have to report at 12 which means i dont need to wake up damn early and zombie to school with the fattest red bag which looks like a fucking tomato. Will be meeting Jaws at 11 at the bus stop. from there we’ll roam around school with our fat bags while waiting for 12 pm. Maybe we’d get to see our future friends too- the freshies who are even fresher than us. (does that even make sense?) kinda bummed that i wont be able to catch GG next episode. grrr. so much drama! I must watch when i get back. RAWR!

Sooooooooooooo, till i come back



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