Monkey Face, Baby Cousin…

My status on facebook was “Tiara Surya Dusqie has just been named Little Miss Party; she doesnt know why and it’s making her sound damn kinky”

Kiambz and Jaws commented on it and so did Abang Iman! I swear, that guy is insecure of his age sia.




basically he said:

tsk tsk tsk…
Wats all this kinky kinky??
Baby cousin! U are baby cousin!! Aaargh!! Yep. Its unlike u. U monkey face.
And I replied…
Hello? Little Miss Party? I sound as if i’m damn SPG ok. Actually not lor! Grrrrrr. BABY COUSIN? excuse me? juuuussst because u dont want to accept the fact that you’re OLD, doesnt mean you can call me baby ok! Muahaha! and wth? MONKEY FACE? How ironic, cos i got all my funny faces from YOU! which means you’re the old-ER monkey face. RAWR!

 he just deliberately called me MONKEY FACE and BABY COUSIN LA! He’s like the Shifu of monkey faces. Since he came over to my place alot when he was back in school, i kinda got influenced with the uberly ugly monkey faces of his and therefore, we look uncannily similar. still got the cheek to call me monkey face! grr. and because he refuses to believe I’m 17, he called me Baby Cousin. WTFFFFFF. BABY COUSIN. seriously? GOSH! he still hasnt come to terms with the fact that he’s 30! (or nearing 30. even worse. THIRTY ONE. O.o)

Well, that was a joke for the night. Nyahahha. Monkey face. I think he need mirror one lor.


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