Little Miss Party? HAHAHA.


I have NO idea why Mr Terence just named me Little Miss Party. /w no link! haha!
My guess is, it’s because i told him i wanted to be in every picture during the stay at Temasek Green. And so I’ve been named Little Miss Party, cos apparently i want to be there for every occasion/party/whatever. Now i sound damn kinky and like an SPG. i think i sound like a socialite like paris hilton. haha! but ewwwwwwwwww. party? birthday party ok la. but those kind of bullshit party, sorry man. not interested. haha! I’d have to say, it looks kinda cute. Haha! Jonathan got Mr Chatterbox! LOL. What’s new. And Mandeep got Mr Funny. Which is true lah. Happier today. Met my peeps. Heh. So me, jaws, XY and Amar are the only ones going for FOC. BECAUSE. KIAMBZ AND BIMBS backed out. BECAUSE, they’re going for a holiday. WHAT IS THIS SSIIIAAAAAA. grrrr. nevermind.

Ok. I better go do my prayers and get some lunch before my nap. Then I’m going to do something I havent been doing in a really long time.


Rusty like effffffffffffffffffffff. but. Wtv man. I feel unhealthy, and i must not look like a blob of unhealthy bones when i meet afiq for his session tmr. YEAH, i know, i damn extra. but wtv la. i need to learn new things man. Till whenever.


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