Yes. I am home!




feels good to be back. I miss the smell of home. Haiz. But then again, I kinda miss having the whole “apartment” feel. I miss Heather! hahaha! she’s naturally funny, i tell you. It’s amazing. I’m glad i’ve been her roomate for 1.5 weeks ^_^
With only 4 hrs of sleep since yesterday night, I’m all light- headed and it feels like i can just lie down anywhere and fall asleep. But I had to wake up cos Auntie Lin wants to bring my mum and i to eat gelare at Plaza Singapura. Would love to sleep on the train, but I know my face will be so tak glam ok. grr. haaaaiz. Still contemplating if i should bring my lappy to nenek’s place. cos now that i got the portable modem, and i can finish up the survey there. There’s one prob. I’M LAZY TO LUG THE LAPPY. T_T argh. Depressing. Haiz. Class tomorrow at 11. And I havent got enough sleep. I feel like skipping but I told ustazah i was gonna come. I met her in the bus on the way to school the other day.

Cant wait for heather to upload pics and send them to me. Cos there’re alot of pictures from the presentation day. teehee. And she and I ‘got married’ to Keith Lim. haha! So here’s how this thing came about…

When we were rushing to finish our project, Jovi was over at our apartment. Heather and I wanted to crash already while wendy and Silvia still wanted to finish theirs. So before we went to our room, i shouted

Me: Eh Jovi, dont take advantage of me ok. I very innocent
Heather: yah man. dont rape us. I know our tak glam sleeping faces turn u on
Jovi: Laughs*

HAHA. so we slept. and the next day, Heather got like a red patch on her neck! AAHAHA! and she felt so conscious that she kept trying to cover it with her formal shirt. And I told her “Eh Heather, I think Jovi give u love bite sia!” So back in the tutorial room, we were asking the whole room “Who raped us last night?!” and for no apparent reason, Heather targetted Keith Lim. So we said “KEITH! You must be responsible! U must marry both of us!” So he was officially our ‘husband’ and it was so funny cos we were all whiny and shit. “HUUBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYY” It was hilarious. For those blur blocks, just for the record, Heather and I are still virgins, we’re not married, and we didnt get raped. hahaha! All in the name of jokes and laughter.

More updates later. I’m off to dhoby ghaut. rawr


5 thoughts on “HOOOOOMEEEEEE!”

  1. HAHAHA. miss you too.
    but i targeted keith cos before that he say he goes to tricia’s room and all and open the door.


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