5 down 2 more to go

I was blog hopping. Blog hopped to those who was a good friend of Allahyarham Haikal. And I started tearing. Although I wasnt close to him, somehow, i feel the pinch. I cant imagine how his close buddies must feel. Especially those who met him frequently, did all the buddy things with him etc. I bet how much i feel the pinch, it will never measure up to the pinch they feel. It got me thinking.

What if I was the one who lost my good friend, my best friend, my best bro, my best gf? What if it happened to me? What if one day, i wake up and not realise that my friend’s leaving me, leaving the rest of the world behind? Would I be able to handle it? Everyone will say they’d be able to. Why? cos life goes on. But when you wait for that moment where u can actually move on and look back and smile at the past, can u hang on? can u get through it? In my world, friends play an important part. What if you lost them? How would you feel? Haikal was my friend, but we werent as close as how he was with his bunch of friends. and from what i’ve read and seen, he has the dopest friends ever. My heart goes out to his best budds and his family. Really, i feel the pinch.

Can’t help but cry at the posts and the dedications. It’s amazing how one person can make such a big difference to one’s life. And I feel so bad and guilty because one of my good friends was a part of his life before. I wasnt there for her. I didnt even pick up her calls when she wanted to inform me of the news. I knew it was a blow for her; i could hear it in her voice. I personally was pretty close with Haikal when he told me that he was interested in her. I was there when he asked me if she was single. I was there. I was there to see them through their relationship. I was there. And probably thats the reason why i kind of feel the pinch.

As everyone would say (or the cliche thing) is to carry on with life. Dont cry because on the bright side, Allah loves him more and he won’t get to experience the chaos of Judgement Day. Although it was sudden, and it was a shocker, it’s something every one of us can learn from. Life is too short to fight. Life is too short to argue all the time. Life is just simply too short. Appreciating those around us is one factor; but thus far, what have YOU done in life? What have you contributed in life, in society, in religion? Did you waste life away? Have you done what you need to? Have u lived every single day like as if it were your last?

now all we can afford to do is Baca Al- Fatihah whenever we think about someone who has died. In that way, whoever the person may be will feel at ease, cooler in the grave. There’s nothing much we can do, crying oceans wont bring someone back. regretting wont bring someone back. Allah is great. He has his reasons for doing the things he does. Insya Allah, everything will be fine. Till then,


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