3 down 4 more to go.

In the hostel. Haha. Miss home, as always. we had the cookout thing. and we had to do a japanese food. We did Omurice. Tasted damn dope. Woo. Success! So yeah.

Hmm. I wanted to blog about something, but i forgot what. Lol

Ok yah. i figured it out. well. i was on the bus to school after i got some stuff for the cookout and i realised something about me. I may dress nice most of the time, but i really think i’m a very simple person. I dont need expensive gifts or things that involve alot of money to make me remember. A 60 cents ice cream and a walk through the park or a walk home form somewhere is just enough for me to remember. Very random, but yeah.

I know I havent been blogging much. cos there aint much stuff to blog about. i do have pictures though. yay. ahaha. on a seperate note:

Al- Fatihah to Haikal Roslan. He was a senior of mine in Secondary school. He died in his sleep and he was only 19. I was shocked when I got the news from Farie, and I still am. It just made me realise how short life is, and how you should savour and make use of the time you have very carefully. Nevertheless, life must go on and let this be a lesson to everyone else to appreciate life, and appreciate time. Dont waste it all away. I hope Haikal is in a better place now, nearer to Allah swt. Insya Allah.. Amiin.

My condolences to Haikal’s family and his sister, who is my junior, Haziqah.


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