Yes. So much pain. Haha.

But anyways, I went over to the secondary school to see the band and help out the little sec 1s. My jaw dropped when i could actually count the number of sec 1s with my fingers. They’re not doing too well, and I understand cos their seniors are concentrating for their SYF which is in 2 weeks. It seems that as the years goes by, the new batches seem to be rather less intelligent cos I dont THINK they know a word, or even if they do know the word, they dont know the meaning of it. and that word is RESPECT. Emphasis on the THINK. I think. Which means that I dont know, but from what i see, it looks like it. No offence. Until you show your seniors what’s respect, i’ll take that label off you ^_^

My saxaphone skills are failing me. Depressing shit. I found it hard to play cos I havent been practicing, and i have no idea why my throat is kinda scratchy = i met mdm Noreha today! Ahhh the joy. She’s still urging me to enjoy my CW lessons but I told her tmr’s my last lesson and that I have yet to finish up a short story (Dammit) And that’s another problem i sort of have. I’ve done the draft. but apparently there isnt a point of impact in my story and i have to re-do it. the thing is, if i do re-do it, it’d be like a typical love story. and that aint cool. It’s either i make it typical, or i change the WHOLE story. I’m capable of doing so. Especially after Mdm Noreha said that it was my forte. And I wouldnt want to let her down. So tonight my aim is to:-


So yeah. This Thursday and friday i wont be at home. I’ll be allowed to go home on saturday morning after breakfast. I’ll be staying at the apartments beside school. I’ll be sharing rooms with one girl from TP- HSS and 2 international students. Hope and pray it’s tricia! But I wouldnt mind the others, really. Mr Jerome just replied Jon’s email regarding the enquiries we got about the stay and he said that we could bring our laptops (actually he ADVISED us to do so cos apparently there’ll be alot of work…) So, there’s a plus. I wont be away from technology and my friends. Yay to that. I think one of the days i’ll cook for my roomies. And! I think I’ll bring some snacks just in case I get hungry. I hope there’s tv? And i really hope i can sleep. Ok so basically, it’s like any other school day. the only difference is, i cant go home. Kinda retarded cos my house is just 20 mins away -.- Nvm. I reckon time will fly so damn fast and by the end of next week, i’ll be crying cos I dont want it to end. However, i am looking forward to one thing though… If there’re any good looking international dudes… *evil face* ok. I’m supposed to be STUDYING there, not scanning for dudes. My girly hormones have surfaced~ nyahaha. Oh I havent finished yet. After being at home this weekend, i have to report back on monday and i’ll have to stay in the same apartment till the following saturday.

Dammit I’m gonna miss home. T_T fret not! I’ve bought 2 new books to occupy me through the late nights. And I’ve got my laptop. And I hope that the new people i meet are dope. And I hope by then my period ends. So i can pray at the apartment. I feel safer that way =

Wokay! I’m gonna go. Update soon. xoxo

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