The Sparkle.

I remembered every second;
Every moment seared in my memory.
I remembered how fast my heart raced
And how I used to smile with glee

When people got into my head,
I didnt want to pay attention.
But I let myself down
And I ended up giving in.

It left me in pieces
But i didnt want to give up
I carried on
And relied on what we call ‘hope’

And after a while,
I realised,
That hope was just a word to me
meaningless; nothing more than a lie.

Somehow, I’m still hanging on to it
Hoping that there’ll be a miracle;
To pick up where we left off
And start all over

I think about the 2 weeks all the time
And I have no idea why
It’s the random outings with all the caffeine
And all the mini poke fights

I remember almost all the details;
every little one.
I remember how I spilled coffee on your shirt
and how much we hated dogs

The times when I’d drag you to walk me home
and the times when i’d give you an attitude
They days where we’ll talk nonsense
And the days where we’ll just sit.

Funny how i remembered everything we did
and the time i spent with you
But i forgot the other part of the 2 weeks
And that part was you

I forgot the sparkle you had in your eyes,
I forgot how long your eyelashes were.
I forgot how smooth
and how easy you got me captured.

I wish I could go back in time
and start all over
I didnt want to believe it before,
but now i guess it’s true-
that we tend to miss just the memories and not the person;
And by that, I miss the moments, but I dont miss you

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