T Minus 6 Days


What we do in CW lessons. Felix made us watch some boring play. i was like zzzzzzz. Haha! so XY and i took pictures! today XY took ugly candid pics of me, but i managed to delete them away. teehee ^_^v i thought this pic is damn cool. Ok. it’s settled. XY is my scandal. Haha! Let me list down my nicknames for some of my classmates

1) Larry is Nugget Face, and he’s my bro
2) XY is my scandal. Our relationship is top secret. (not any more -.-)
3) Adam is the Matrep and Ah Beng all in one (I still love u bro. ahahahaha =p)
4) Amar is the cool fucker who looks innocent but actually he’s not even close to innocent. But hats off to his fashion sense.
5) Jun Liong is the Gangster
6) Not forgetting the bimbos. Alicia the Bimbo, and Marissa the Kiambo and Joslyn a.k.a JAWSLYN. NYAHAHAH.
7) Jon the hyperman
8) and the rest of t06 whom i havent found special names for yet =


i guess it’s true that school fills my hollow-ness. Whenever I’m with my mates, my trouble melt away like lemon drops. I dont know how it’d be like without them in a few weeks time. dreading that time actually. but anyway, i think i’ll embrace the time we’ve left as a class. i wish i could bring my mates home with me to fill up the empty gaps i have. but i cant. that’s why i’m ok in school, and when i get home, i’m back at square one. One thing about me is that i can hide the fact that there’s something troubling me, but i’m not aware that i’m slowly disconnecting myself from the real world. XY told me he realised I’ve turned abit quiet. it’s starting to scare me if somebody has realised that there’s more to me than the surface. I feel violated =s haha. joking. My skills are deteriorating. i just dont like to show how i really feel when i’m around happy people, cos as much as i can, i want to feel happy. I want to be able to wake up, feel happy and MEAN IT. it’s tiring living a lie.

and even more tiring when you’re lying to nobody else but yourself


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