Morning chats and stoned faces

Recap what i did yesterdayyyyy. The bimbos and I went shopping at bugis/peninsula. I got myself a tshirt and a bag. Alicia bought more stuff than Marissa and I did. =P Marissa got herself a t shirt and a bag. we all got the same t shirts. but different colour. LOL! kauz.

then we went to paragon and we went into juicy couture. and we were err, JAKUN. lol!!!!







THE DRESSING ROOM WAS LIKE HUGE AR!!! LIKE IT COULD FIT A BED INSIDE! we were amazed by the size of the dressing room. so we HAD to take pictures in it. nyahahhahaha. feeling2 rich. lols. that was basically what i did yesterday.

today, went to school at 8. slacked at the library for awhile before meeting mr jeff for consultations. alot of things to be editted = after the consultation, headed back to the library to get work done. before consultation, we were so bored that we resulted to…



Yes, larry and i were msn-ing.. WHILE WE WERE BESIDE EACH OTHER. nyahhaa. oh well. all in the name of fun. teehee. creative writing was fun. woo.

kinda boring actuallehhhhhh. till whenever. rawr!

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