I… Still love purple.




Yes. My toe is still purple. And the best thing is, i cant even feel anything now -.- I DONT EVEN KNOW IF MY TOE IS STILL ALIVE! T_T depressing. so anyway, the larry robot is my group’s creation during POC tutorial last monday (i think) teehee. and then the rocketing session yesterday. heh. i borrowed Amar’s cap. And many said i should wear caps since i look good in them. NYAHAHA! dont worry, i’ll wear my cap.. one day.. *evil face* so anyway, i’m still in my PJs. I havent showered. TEEHEE. and i feel so touched that many of my friends were so concerned about my toe. lol. Awww. so sssweeeetttt. nyehehe.

and i still dont wanna turn into a dinosaur! T_T i feel so sad now. Okay I better shower cos i’m going out reaaaal soon. Bye all ^_^v more pics tonight. rawr

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