I love purple. xoxo

POC workshop was supposed to be Music Making. But the Music dude was sick =( so we did Rocketing with Mr Jeff! I got wet. It was a whole lot of fun though. Luckily I wore black pants so it wasnt so obvious. Actually that’s not the highlight of the day.

THIS is the highlight of the day…




(my photography skills getting better. NYAHAHA~)

but on the side note..
MY TOE IS SWOLLEN! T_T so depressing. I was getting ready for school this morning and my foot accidentally hit my dressing table. It happened to me once or twice before, but usually the pain will subside.. and it wont turn purple! I was so shocked when I couldnt wiggle my toe. It felt kinda numb. That’s when I realised that it was swollen. I rubbed some ointment and i went to school with sneakers. It got worse in school and I started limping. It was madness, i tell u. I went home and took off my socks. TO MY HORROR, IT TURNED PURPLE. I was like O.O !!!!!!!! so i put some ice on it, and it went numb. After that i used the laptop. Battery was getting low, so i wanted to plug in the AC cable. As i was meddling with it, trying to put it into the socket, the heavy part of the AC cable just dropped on my foot with the purple toe!!! like, OUCH. Haiz. chatted with some people online and signed off to slack while waiting fr azryl’s call. We agreed to go visit the band.

The band sounds awesome. but as always, there’s always room for improvement. When I was hearing them play ther set piece and choice peace, I was proud. I was proud to have been part of such a family. I was proud that my juniors are doing such a tremendous job. Despite scoldings from Mr Ng, demoralising remarks, they still fight on. I love their spirit of never giving up and reaching for the stars. I hope that their hard work (and Mr Ng’s, Miss Tan’s and Miss Ong’s) will pay off and that they will feel as satisfied as how i felt (and the other seniors who were involved in the last SYF) when ESMB brought home their first medal.

I wore slippers to visit the band, and my toe looked so disgusting =( I was hoping and praying that nobody steps on my foot, or drops something on it. Thankfully, none of that happened. Rhel and I got the band t shirts that we’re supposed to pay to shikin soon. Lol. After that we said our goodbyes to the juniors and left. I got my oreo chocolate bubble tea and… APPLE PIE! Gosh. I think apple pie is my new drug. Rawr. Speaking of Rawr. Nugget said that I may turn from a terter to a dinosaur cos my toe has grown almost 1/2 times of its size =( I DONT WANNA BE A DINOSAUR T_T Anyways, Enno said that she and kak nadia bought a dress online which cant fit them, and they’re gonna give it to me! *superhugebigsmile* Alhamdulillah- another piece of wardrobe to consider wearing to school ^_^v thanks Enno & Kak Nadia! 😀 Speaking of them, it’s been a long time since i saw them. Let alone have ice cream outings with Enno. We havent been running too. Well maybe they did.. Without me. Hahhaa. But anyway, since my toe is purple and swollen, i dont think i can run for the next few days.

I have homework to do. I better get started cos my saturday and Sunday are booked. Hehehehe. Currently alone at home. Mum & Dad still at work. Embak is over at nenek’s place. Kinda peaceful actually. I have the whole house to myself. *serene face*



4 thoughts on “I love purple. xoxo”

  1. i havent been running. AND OMG @ your toe la. i cnt believe i saw it for real and it was worst than i expected? :S

    RJAAAAAA in a weeeeek’s, babyyyyyyyy (:

    1. HAHAHHHHHA. i also havent been running lor! how to run with the state of my toe =( haha. but its better now lah. still swollen, but less purple. lol. RJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. RRAWWRRR. eh anw. ytd PC (u shd know who. afiq calls him by this name) ask me to do this likeness quiz on facebook u know. cos like can invite people to do the quiz rite. and he asked me to do. and guess wat the quiz was abt? “Things women dont like their men to do” or smth like that. then among the list got this choice “Not replying to smses” like, exactly wat he did to me ar. depressing. then i emo. hahahahhaa. and his friend, the chinese dude ajak me go watch movie lah. cos he got free tix. then he ajak me. lol.

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