I touched and I was burned

Yesterday was erm. Weird? Cos I felt so much anger for a brief moment, and then suddenly I got all stony. What better way than to talk to my best friend, Afiq. And by the way, he changed his name again. It’s not Abang Joy now. It’s Abang Bala. He gave me the inspiration for my homework. Haha!

So okay. Today’s post is supposed to be rather stern and serious.

Although Afiq and I joke alot in our conversations, he still makes me feel a whole lot better. Dont know how he does it, but yeah. It made me a whole lot better. I tried putting advise into action today, and whenever i thought about it, i’d feel just fine (: For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been living on a song; in dire, desperate need to feel empowered. Everyday I’d listen to it- before i go to school, on the way to school, on the way home from school, while doing homework, getting read for school.. Any time i can squeeze in for the 3 minute song, I would. It’ll make me feel better for a while, but shit happens and I’d just find myself back in square one. It’s normal, I guess. It just takes time. And the cycle repeats.

So this was a part of the conversation I had with Fiqqy yesterday.

“And when you remember, convince yourself that most of the time we tend to miss the memories and not the person.”

Makes sense, yes? To some, maybe not. But for me, definitely. Whenever I just feel really down, I’ll say this in my head, and it gives me the attitude to say “Shit happens. I’ll be fine.” So yeah. I have a rocking best friend who has volunteered to be my temporary eye candy for the time being. Haha!

Loads of assignments to be done. Alot of assignments to meet. My 2 weekends booked (Nyeheheheehe) So I think I’m gonna get started (like, Finally) today. I already finished one part. 2 more to go! The couch is coming back! I will have to express my undying love for my couch. I miss it so much that I could cry. Although the whole length of my body cant really fit into it anymore (which means my legs will hang out at the end. Lol) I still love napping there. Haiz. Ooooo. And after almost I dont know how many months, I’m finally gonna meet Mimi! 😀 (Insya Allah) The last time i met him was like, before National Day lor. So long ready la! sheeshhh. Sunday I’ll be going shopping with the 2 bimbos and Jawslyn. geddit? Jaws.. Jos.. heee. Lastly, I WANT APPLE PIE! rawr. ok i better start on work.


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