zzz. huh? what?

Very tired today. Rawr. Went to school at 9:15 to meet the other psycho peeps cos we were going to the Silver Ribbon Centre. Pretty cool. We understood more about mental illnesses. Good for our research. Then back to school for lunch and CW tutorial. Moving on…..

stayed back for a lil while to discuss about the project. rained heavily. so i didnt walk to the safra bus stop. just took 8 straight to afghan and switched buses. dumdeedum.

If you havent realised I’m damn sleepy and tired. The fact that mummy wants to watch the most lamest and fucked up show EVER, is making me irritated. What show? CINTA FITRI SEASON 2. My god. seriously. they should just stop making cheesy cliche shows like that anymore. boy likes girl. girl hates boy. but ends up liking boy. boy and girl confess. happiness. but shortlived….. and it goes on. then when u think it’s over, some random thing pops up, and becomes a problem. REALLY?! REALLLLLLLYYY??! gosh. people actually waste they’re lives watching these mundane shows. I was guilty of it. till i gave up on it. so yah. pssssheeeshhhhhhh.

honestly, i have no idea why i feel so angry and agitated today. Like just really frustrated. I couldnt start on homework cos like, nothing creative is coming to me. and my creative juices seemed to have dried up. And my train of thought went on a holiday. like. COME ON AR! pffft. Now I’m talking to Abang Joy……. Who’s Abang Joy? (dammit. I HATE THE NAME!)

Afiq. Dont know what is up with that name…. I hate it. soounds damn gay. but whatever makes him happy. lol



Bringing the laptop to school tmr. XY’s bringing his too. And after POC workshop we’re gonna do hmwrk. honestly, i dont think i’d be able to. I’d end up talking to XY. nyahahahhahahahaha.

(ok i think i’m talking no sense at all cos i’m like kinda sleepy.)

so. ok. err. bye!


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