So. yesterday my modem died. Which meant that i was totally not connected to the internet. It was annoying. VERY ANNOYING.

It started on Sunday night. After meddling with it for awhile ( and i think by luck also ) the modem came alive again. It was still alive when i woke up the next day. But it died again when i reached home. I thought i could fix it, but NO. Called singtel and asked (seek sympathy actually haha) for a technician to come to my house to replace my modem as soon as possible. And the kind soul on the other line told me that the technician could come today. I was relieved. Teehee. So I’m back on the net, baby! Rawr!

today we had POC workshop 1. We did terrarium-ing ^_^v. it’s damn fun, i tell you. I have my own cactus now! πŸ˜€ it’s YELLOW. I wished they had purple coloured cactuses… but unfortunately not. so after making our mini plant garden, we snapped pics, and we had early lunch. Yes, very happening.. very happy. Cos all of us were hungry. But… we didnt know what to do for the next 1 1/2 hrs… played some mind games like bangbangbang who die? and how many mehmehmeh jump over the wall. and even after 2 hrs plus, some still didnt get it…. it was fun watching them figure the whole thing out and beat themselves up. Nyahahhaa. Evilness.

Rather mundane today. Like any other day. Just more pictures, more activities. Ahhhh, the joy~



What I do in CW tutorials…


My terrarium! ^_^v


I made the turtle out of play dough


I think my smiley face damn cute lor.


Toilet breaks, and love for TP. xoxo


Proud terrarium owners, and TP students


Kiambo & Bimbo




Skirt and Vans. rawr. yes i finally wore a decent skirt to school. heeee.

tired. zzzz


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