Morning jokes and middle finger moments

Joslyn told me that she liked it when i say “chibai” cos she says I pronounce it nicer O.o LOL

Test yesterday was err, okay? I think I mixed up creativity and innovation on one of the factors of the case study. But oh well. I hope i pass. Nyahaha. After the test we went to eat at the design canteen, and I swear the Nasi Campur is damn nice, and damn worth it. The chicken the makcik gave me was HUGE. With the chicken, i got myself tofu and taugeh. All that for 2.40 bucks. I paid 2.50 at ITAS for asam pedas and kangkong!!! WTFFFF! i feel so cheated. Obviously I underestimated the serving of the rice and the side dishes. And I only finished 3/4 of the rice and 1/2 of the chicken. Sooooooo. I asked larry if he could finish up my food! And he did la! That guy is a food barrel, i tell you. He can eat and eat like NON STOP. Haha. After eating i rushed for the meeting with Mr Francis at the HSS office. Waited for him for awhile, and discussed. then, home sweet home.

Slept in the afternoon, and woke up to wash up cos I was gonna meet Mummy at Tampines to get some bottoms for myself which I would be using to school one day. I wanted to get black berms only… or so i thought… Then i realised that Daddy wanted me to wear skirts more often, so i scouted out for a skirt too. And i found one ^_^v That was IT…. OR SO I THOUGHT…. Until, the dude who was working at esprit kind of influenced me to get a mini skirt. ok PAUSE. If you’re thinking I’m gonna wear the mini skirt just like that, YOU ARE INSANE. When I tried the skirt on, I swear i felt naked. Basically the dude told me to get a mini skirt and wear it with tights- WHICH IS MY PLAN. hee. so i got the mini skirt. and really, i cannot understand how some people can wear mini skirts like that without feeling naked = lol. To explain myself, 2 out of the 3 things i bought are sale items. HAHAHA. they had it in my size, they’re not ridiculously priced (because they were on sale), and they were really pretty ^_^v and to top the whole day off, I GOT MYSELF APPLE PIE! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 heeheeheehee.

I’m a happy girl. Tomorrow, I’ll be going out with Bimbo and Kiambo. More bimbo moments. nyahaha! this shd be funny. *evil face* lol.

and err. i need to bring the lappy to grandmas plc cos i need to do my journals. rawr.


7 thoughts on “Morning jokes and middle finger moments”

  1. Welcome =D
    Its okay I don’t mind people calling me black hole XD
    After all I get to eat Marissa’s chicken egg and joslyn’s err toufu =X
    Don’t think dirty

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