Photographs and crapped up hair -.-

Went to go do my ezlink card with XY! And we got the new ones! 😀 heeeee. I just realised how my retarded my hair is in passport photos -.- see ar.


My matric card. The left side of my head has more hair than the right side! Same photo on my IC. hee. And YES, I’m an official TP student, and I’m from the Humanities and Social Sciences School (HSS) NYAHAH.

Here’s the new photograph i took today..


I USED THE MACHINE! nyahhahaha. XY was there to accompany me. It’s easy. I would consider taking a new batch of photographs. LOL. Just for fun. cheyks, like as if i print money like that. OK yah. so. as you can see, the left side of my head has wavy hair, and the right side is straigh. WTF! i was too concerned about my fringe that i didnt take notice the other parts of my hair. Depressing. so retarded lah =.= haiz.


And tada! new ezlink card! 😀 I applied for the concession. Weehooo.

So lesson to learn. Girls, if u care too much about yr fringe, you wont realise how retarded the other side of yr hair is. LOL.

I STILL THINK IT’S DAMN RETARDED AR……. one side got curl the other side straight. look as if i got split personality or smth. T_T. DEPRESSSSINNNNNGGG.


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