Mood swings. Ahh screw it.

funny how one day we’re really angry, and the next we seem like we’re over it and we’re happy, and then poof, we’re back to square one. Is it caused by emotional songs? Or, the company? Or, the whole atmosphere? Maybe it’s the significance of certain things that trigger the emo button?

Recap the last 3 days, shall we? First I was angry, and bitter. And then thanks to Ele i kinda forgot about it for awhile. and suddenly, even when I was with my usual peeps in school, i started to err. Emo. Thoughts invaded my already tired brain- thoughts that were not invited to my brain. One day i’ll have to realise that forcing aint gonna do good. Cos i found myself in deeper thought, and that was not a good sign. Right this second, I’m listening to the Emo songs in my iTunes. (WTF)

Those who know of the current situation I’m in have constantly reminded me to just take a step forward and that I’ll eventually get over it. I really hope it’s soon, cos whatever’s happening now is tearing me apart- piece by piece. I know, “How can such a problem like this make u so stuck?” I’m asking myself the same question. But I’ve been thinking that maybe, asking myself why isnt really a good idea. Cos i know i’ll never be able to get to an answer. So, why bother.


Yesterday I was reading an aquaintance’s blog. And boy, was it boring. She was writing about her DAYS. like EVERYDAY. What she did that day, what she said that day, what time she met her friends/ boyfriend that day, what she bought that day, what she ate that day, what she learnt that day, blahblahblah. And her posts werent short, like


I went to sch at 7. met my usual peeps. class was ok. had recess. something funny happened. after school i went home with my boyfriend. we walked home. now i’m at home finishing up hmwrk and i’m gonna crash soon.

Her posts for ONE DAY in a SECONDARY SCHOOL, was as long as my post on the school ban thing. I’m serious. I got bored. I read the first few words and i almost fell asleep. zzz. I gave up. REALLY. i just gave up reading her boring blog. Just thinking about it makes me bored. sheesh. More bimbo moments today. But I’d have to make a point that Marissa the Kiambo has officially overruled Alicia the Bimbo. Nyahahahha. Creative writing break was a friggin 30 minutes! Bought myself pocky and chocolate. I swear I can grow fat and unhealthy if this goes on. Dammit. MUST RUN. or Skate. Anyone? Skate with me? Oh right. I kinda lost a companion to skate with. My fault.

I’d have to stop blaming myself for my own misery one day. Yes, and I’ll be waiting for that day to come. haha! And I finally managed to give Jamie some of my brownies. I feel happy once i;ve shared the joy of chocolate and baking to others *serene face* haaa. It’s 11:45 and i’m still not in bed. Why? COS I’VE GOT NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! 😀 😀 😀

Going out with my girls and some of the dudes to watch he’s just not that into you. THIS BETTER BE A GOOD MOVIE. Cos i personally like the book. And it better motivate me like crap ar. or else I’d want a refund of my 6 bucks. cheyks. action i entitled to do that only. Lols. Meeting XY tmr! Go do ezlink card and i need to take passport photo! I’m using the booth. I dont care =) dumdeedum.


This was drawn during Creative Writing class. Lol! Inspired by Afiq! Teehee! omg i miss sec school =(

DEPRESSING. and zam knows why cos i told him why i’m whining 5 mins ago =

2 thoughts on “Mood swings. Ahh screw it.”

  1. LOL at the person who writes such entry la ok -_-

    if i had to write abt my dailies. it’d be like errrrr. i woke up at 641am. dad drove me to work. i was so bored at work. i went home at 545. reached home at 638. i watched tv. and i called ilham. and i said goodnight. and i went to sleep.

    WAHAHAHA. kesian.
    i always have m&ms and peach tea at school. LOL.
    ok t, we need to meet soon! don’t emoooo alr la!

  2. HAHAHHAHAHA. YES YES MUST MEET SOON. I’m getting sick of my emo moods man. And I think my neighbour likes me! T_T I’M ONLINE I’M ONLINE. later i give u the person’s blog. damn boring i tell u.

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