Day Numero Dos.

Joy. Pure utter joy.

In Psychology of Creativity, we were told to get into groups and start a story. Then, we had to pass it to the person beside us to continue the story. Here’s mine. HAHAHAHHA.

”     Once upon a time there as a beautiful princess who lived in a magnificent castle.. or so she thought she was beautiful. In actual fact she was the ugliest, horrendous and obnoxious princess in the history of forever. One day, whe was in the forest behind her home picking flowers for her hair. In a desperate attempt to look pretty, she picked out the smelliest and ugliest flower. Thinking that it was a pretty flowerm she stuck it behind her ear and skipped happily back to her castle. However, on the way home, she met with a swarm of bees that chased her all the way back to the castle’s gate. Unaware of what to do, she screamed and tore her hair apart. She went bald. She decided to become emo from that day on. But after a while, her hair still did not grow. She was depressed. She shunned the day in fear of what others would think of her, and she would only come out at night. She grew nire withdrawn and her eyes sunk in. However, suddenly a priest appeared in front of her and surrounded her with purple aura. He told her that he could cure her if only she gives something precious to him. She thought about it and gave the priest her dignity so that she could regain her beauty. They got married and the priest became King.

Purple: I wrote it.
Orange: Michelle wrote it
Blue: Keith wrote it
Pink: Jonathan wrote it

Apparently Jonathan wrote down purple and pink ‘aura’s on michelle and keith’s scripts too -.- zzz.

So anyway, we made fools of ourselves in Creative writing tutorial again today! Haha! More candid pictures… NYAHAHA.


This part Marissa kanchiong. Told me to whip out the camera to snap the pic.


Marissa feeling like a model. And Alicia… Jealous about it? =P


Hahha! We went to cheers to get chocs during our break!


Joslyn & Marissa


Another Alicia candid….. Her candids damn terok one lor


see at least my candids like once in a lifetime kind…



More pics soon people.

1) I miss Enno
2) I miss my ROB & QOB
3) I miss Afiq!
4) I miss Zam!

And I need to do my ezlink card.

2 thoughts on “Day Numero Dos.”

  1. OMG babe. i miss you tooo! 😦 please la, ice cream real soon sey.

    and thanks for the post, because now im all emo coz i miss school so terrible much. i told you you’d love school. 😀

    Love you.

  2. hahahhaha. Yes! ICE CREAM. SOON. PLS. hahahhaa. Awwww. dont emo. School is just opposite yr house. CAN VISIT ME! 😀 teeheeee. yeah. i love school but sometimes, i think of stuff at random moments and it gets me daydreaming sometimes =

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