I woke up at 9:30 today. I was all stony and lazy. Haiz. Chatted with Hamzah and Enno online and slacked. After I showered, I started baking brownies for the picnic. I was late (hehe ^_^) But my brownies were a success considering the fact that this was the first time i tried baking brownies and of that recipe. Brought my skates along. Met the guys and the girls at Downtown and walked to the park. Sat down at one of the bbq pits and laid down newspaper on the tables. Whipped out food and started eating. The guys started playing soccer soon after and my girls and i sat down and talked. hee. Yusrin tried on my skates. And it was damn funny. Lol. Skated for awhile, and joined the group again.

Pictureeesssss 😀


Food! 😀


Look at his 2nd toe!


Irsyad’s victoria’s secret body spray -.-


Rawr to my rocking skates. I love my skates. xoxo


I’m taller! I’m taller!


Green Seaweeeeed




Farie & Liyana


Tiara & Liyana


Farie & Tiara


Looks normal right? THEY HAVE LEGS AND THEY MOVE.


I dont know what’s the name of this bird =


They were alive and MOVING! looks damn cute but disgusting at the same time.


hahaha. so after cleaning the place up, we packed our stuff and went home. I skated home instead of taking the bus. Cos hmm. I needed to skate i guess. I skated home with Yusrin, Izzat and Anas.Yus, Izzat and Anas took their bikes while I skated. It was a good work out I guess. Cos I needed to be fast enough so that I wont be slow to the guys. LOL. Woah. I miss skating. After my fall I kinda have a phobia of skating to Pasir Ris alone = Hmm. Anyhoos. The reason why I feel like I needed to skate more cos when I’m skating, it gets my mind off things that make me feel very down and blue.

Enno asked if I felt anything if I heard a name, or talked about it. I feel something. As much as I still hope and pray that everything went back to normal, I know it wont. So with that, I dont really know how i feel anymore. Actually I dont know how to feel anymore. Overwhelmed by the gushes of regret and sadness and happiness all at the same time, my feelings are no longer accurate. I had the best 2 weeks of my 2009. After falling back to the same person more than once, someone I had an eye for actually had an eye for me too. Things like that dont happen to me often. And whenever it does, i feel blessed and smiley. Sadly, it couldnt last. Althought I wanted it to. It seemed so wrong, but it seemed so right all at the same time. Like a drug that I knew i had to stay away from, I found myself wanting more instead. Am I cursed to fall for dudes who are total opposites of me? Or is it just a phase? If it’s a phase then it’s a very long one indeed.

I won’t deny that I screwed up a little. With that, I tried my hardest to save it. I went all the way. Unfortunately, my hardest wasnt enough. I dont give up so easily; but for this, I had no choice. cos if i hung on, I knew that I would be holding on to nothing. Either way I’d still be affected in a negative way. So might as well just give up. Despite what people said, I still had faith. Again, it wasnt enough.

Nevertheless, I felt special for 2 weeks. And it was the best 2 weeks I could ever ask for at the beginning of a new year- Even though it was shortlived.


4 thoughts on “Picnic.”

  1. MORNING. i feel a teenee better la. haiz.
    anyways, i think your 2nd last pic,the bird is a bangau? HAHHA.
    or at least i’ve always thought a bangau looks like tt. (:
    see ya online.

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