And it’s over…

Today was the last day of the PPP programme 😦 lessons start next week and I’m looking forward to it. YES, I’M NOT DREADING SCHOOL, LECTURES AND TUTORIALS ^_^V At the end of the post you’ll know why. Haaaa


I went to meet T06 at the mushroom together with Marissa and Trisha. Soon after, Alicia and Joslyn came. We had to report in track pants, sleeved t shirts and track shoes. so yeah, everyone kinda looked like PE teachers -.- And Alicia just had to say I look like a PE teacher. Thanks ar. Hahaha. That day we did all the teamwork stuff, high elements etc. Honestly I was dreading it, cos I’m lazy to sit down and listen to them explain how to use the harnesses and whatever stuff. But I had a blast ar! Cos i already did the high elements at changi coast thanks to the awesome sec 2 camp I had. Heeee. But this one was really high la! And the damn pole was shaking -.- but i managed to catch the trapeze thing. YAY. Anyhoooos. I say that Ele’s had really good teamwork at the beginning of the programme. Awwwww. Hahha *LOVES* xoxo. we were allowed to change after one whole day in pants, under the hot sun. So i changed to shorts and I felt at ease. What more after I changed to slippers. I was happy. After the first day, I thought I didnt look THAT dark. But the next morning proved otherwise….


On day 2, we did hip hop dance and dragon boating! 😀 Secretly, 2 of the things I enjoy doing. SECRETLY ok. SECRETLY. (i dunno why i even bother putting ‘secretly’ cos I’m already announcing to the public via the world wide web. but whatever) We had to dance- UNDER THE HOT SUN AT THE RUNNING TRACKS. I was having fun, but at the same time cooking my skin. Again, like when I was at TPrawks, the leaders (like Priscilla) realised the fact that I can dance (dammit). And she nearly sabo-ed me. but i begged her not to. HAHA. But in the end, I had to dance for my group together with Adam. Ok not DANCE WITH ADAM. but Adam and I had to represent our group…. AND WE WON! hahaha. But really, Adam did the winning dance lor. I mean, my moves were so repetitive. -.- So after dancing and unwillingly tanning ourselves, we had lunch. MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE DAY 😀 nyahahhahaa. It wasnt that great- sadly. But what to do.. Haaa. So after lunch was… DRAGON BOATING! RAWR. fun shiznit ar. We won!!! 😀 😀 😀 But I will not join dragon boating as a CCA for nuts la ok. My arm can just drop off =x I felt uncomfortable after that. The psycho kids ran to LT44 during the break to see our JAE/JPSAE friends…… Only to realise that they were the most boring people ever. Ok maybe they were stunned cos we DPA kids were really high (and wet, and tanned. VERY TANNED) and maybe they were new to their surroundings. But i swear, THEY WERE DAMN DEAD AR. I felt sad. Haha. Rushed back to the sports complex for the debrief, and continued with the briefing at LT44. After that we went home. Walked to Safra bus stop with Keith and had a talk with him about Mark Haddon’s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- time. my bus arrived so i left first. Home it was. Very tired, very tanned.


… Which was today! today we had an amazing race in the morning, and some catapult thing in the afternoon. Under the sun again, running around like crazy people desperately trying to find the stations around the school. We were mislead once, and we didnt get to finish the last station (Awwww) but we had fun! then… LUNCH! 😀 Lunch today was the best lunch ever. Cos the chilli rocked! After lunch we stoned. And as for me, I stoned, and almost fell asleep- As always. Lols. After lunch we had to make this catapult thing. And we ended the day being wet and grassy cos we played with water bombs. It was fun. But really wet. I felt uncomfortable, AGAIN. *rolls eyes* changed to dry clothes and had some food before going into the student lounge to watch the pictures that were taken for the last 3 days. Pictures of me dancing were shown. Embarrassing shiznit. -.- then after everything, after the cheers and all, we had a heartfelt speech by Priscilla. She almost cried! hahaha. chilllllll. Lol. After we were dismissed, Alicia, Marissa, Joslyn, Michelle, Larry, XY, Keith, Jonathan and I showered at the Pool toilet. Then we had dinner. Too bad Jonathan couldnt join us cos he had last minute plans. Ate at food culture and had a good laugh. HERE’S WHY I DONT DREAD MY CLASSES ANYMORE.

Ok this might get rather vulgar, but i swear when it happened, it was damn funny.

Tiara to everyone: Eh I wanna learn how to speak mandarin
Keith: I can teach u the basics
Larry: Yah, i also can! eh then you teach me how to speak malay la
Tiara: Ooooo can can. U want the malay bad words one rigggghhhht? Dont lie =P
Tiara: (turns to marissa) eh got what malay bad words ar?
Marissa: (whispers) pu…
Tiara: OOOO. p**i
Larry: What does that mean?
XY: (loudly, like nothing like that) Vag…
Tiara & Marissa: OI DONT SAY LOUD LOUD LA!
Joslyn: (loudly) Eh what does p**i mean?!
XY: (says it in a ‘as a matter of fact’ way) IT MEANS VAGINA!
Tiara: SSHHHHH!!!! omg. i feel so embarrassed. Later all the malay people here think I teach my friends wrong things.. (gives sad face)
Keith: Okay we better go to a more chinese populated place…

(So we leave…)

Marissa: (laughs hystericall) then u didnt know the meaning what u do? Just nod ar?
Larry: (to joslyn) when they call u that then u say u have la!
Marissa, Tiara and Alicia: (laughs hysterically)
Larry: (to Tiara) Correct what! U girl u sure have one waaattt….
Everyone: (laughs while walking Larry to Stadium bus stop)

Ok may not sound funny here lah. But when it happened we all laughed until we could literally fall on the floor and roll around. U see, my class is so damn dope. How can i be bored during lectures with these people around? (Skali next week I update after my first day of lecture and tutorials and i complain how much I hate them =/)

I love T06- Elephants! xoxo no words can express how much i love u all. rawr. and to end off….

The Ele Cheer!!!!! I love this cheer to the max la ok.

Da jia yi qi lai ah
Ele si bei zai ah
We are so special
Da jia yi qi zhe yang zuo (x2)

We’re Ele, We’re crazy
You all are so damn smelly
Mess with us and you will see how fierce that we can be, Ha!
ABC, 123
Ele Steady pom pi pi!

Love it man. LOVE IT.
DPA rawks to the max.  Rawr. Ok I’m very tanned and sunburnt and tired.


4 thoughts on “And it’s over…”

  1. hahaha!cant stop laughing at ur post!especially the malay lang part at food culture!=x u forgot abt larry’s BHG thingy!ELE RAWKZ!:D

    1. OH YA! LARRY’S BIG HAIRY GIANT! disgusting sia he. sheesh. i think we all sure cnnt contain our laughter during lecture one lor…

  2. Hahaha, it was definitely a blast these four days & I definitely love T06 and would miss them in time to come! And the dinner was super funny to the max, esp Larry! hahhahaha, oh well, see you on monday when lectures actually starts!

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