In your eyes I’d like to stay

No time for updates. But just know that…

2) I am very very very very very tanned.
3) I smell like ointment (thanks to Counterpain)
4) I already have a project that will be used to compete in a competition. (O.O)
5) I am still kind of sad, down and blue.
6) And I’m still blaming myself.

Will update more soon. But just take note that I’m veryveryveryvery tanned. Like superly very tanned.


“No more mistakes; Cos in your eyes I’d like to stay”
Thinking of you; Katy Perry


2 thoughts on “In your eyes I’d like to stay”

  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAA. I MISS YOU TTTOOOOOO T_T omg yes. ICE CREAM. i look so tanned la ok. like very red and all. haiya. ahha

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