Kickin it Old School

I’ll be talking about 2 things tonight.


A. The New Paper
Dated Friday, February 6th 2009
Title: Adults Favour Ban, youths oppose it

Since this is my blog space and I’m entitled to type out my thoughts and opinions, I will highlight this issue. For the benefit of those who did not manage to read this article, I’ll quickly summarise it for you.

Basically, a school has issued a ban to all their students- which is that they are not allowed to loiter and hang out at nearby malls and void decks after school. They MUST immediately return home. The breaking of this rule will lead to detention. Teachers are deployed to do their routines and checks around the area. Should they find any students loitering around, they will be sent for detention.

The article was saying how parents agree to it, but us youths oppose it. I’m a youth, and I do oppose it actually. I do have my reasons and I bet all the other students who go through this will understand where I’m coming from and will know that my reasons are logical. However, as contradicting as it may seem, all schools have their students’ well being at heart. But is this ban really the way to solve this issue where teens are wasting time loitering around?

I will not start by rebutting the comments made my parent/adult readers of the article. But I will start with my entire opinion towards this rule. I understand that all schools want their students to excel and boost up their students’ potential. Therefore, creating this ridiculous system which i think will not benefit neither the school nor their students. In my opinion, every student is responsible for their own studies and future. Especially for secondary gschool students. They are young adults who should be given the chance to decide from themselves and make their own mistakes. As I’ve said, every one is responsible for their own revision and studies. This ban is unfair to those who need a more condusive place to study besides the school; eg: The library. To those who do not make use of their time outside of school for their own benefit, then it’s their loss. They CHOSE not to make use of their time wisely. Let them make the mistake, and learn from it. If they dont, then i’d have to say that everyone is different. Nobody will be like each other. Nobody IS like each other. If one chooses not to benefit their time, then that’s their problem, they’re RESPONSIBILITY. Should they ever fail or not do well, they will have to learn that they cannot blame anyone but themselves. So, does this ban really forge that value? I think not. Nobody in the world deserves to be controlled. What more young adults. With raging hormones, I highly doubt that they will listen and instead they’ll go against it. It’s like telling a kid to stop playing with their food- the more you scold them, the more they’ll do it. I wont say that we young adults are ENTITLED to be mischevious and defiant. Simply, everyone of us are given choices. It’s our responsibility to make the right ones. controlling students is not going to help at all. I was from a neighbourhood school. Yes, they did remind and advise us not to loiter around. But my school doesnt actually make the teachers walk around checking whether any of the students are loitering and are not at home. cos my school believes that the teachers should spend more time in creating more interesting ways and lessons to engage us students in subjects. Wouldnt that be better? Teachers shouldnt be deployed to walk around catching people, they should do something that will benefit the students. The ban benefits the students? In what way, may I add? teachers force them to go home. Are you trying to imply that ALL the students WILL study at home? What’s the point of the ban then? The school wants students to go home and study. What if you send them home, and they dont study? The ban is kind of useless now, isnt it?

So to sum up my ‘argument’
a) students have a choice
b) students are responsible for their own learning
c) all students are different
d) youngsters like me make mistakes. and as stated in a) we CHOOSE if we want to learn from it or not.

Now, let us see the comments I got from the New Paper.
(I’ll basically express my opinions towards what the elder readers have to say)

1) “One thing that I dont understand is: What is so bad in going home straight after school? Why is there a question of ‘No freedom’ when you are told to do what’s the most sensible thing?”

My answer: I feel that the reply above is very subjective in a sense that it was not sensitive to those students who have family problems or come from a broken home. Although that is a minority, i feel that it deserves to be considered in the discussion. What if going straight home after school will cause them to get beaten up? what if they actually have valid reasons as to why they do not want to go home? Besides that, we students are humans too. And we are entitled to talk amongst each other. Discuss about issues- regardless whether it is gossiping or talking about school and catching up with each other. We all have a right to talk and mingle with each other. I dont get the ‘sensible’ part. It’s like saying that all students should coop up at home and study. Welcome to the millenium. Nowadays, teachers and schools are broadening the minds of students. The scheme of teach less, learn more. Students dont coop up and study anymore. Students go out to explore new things and learn something new all at the same time.

2) “It is better to have teachers patrolling and watching students, than having parents meet their kids are police stations, if they ever get into mischief.”

My answer: So it’s better to have teachers wasting time walking around issuing detention slips than planning a very interesting and interactive lesson for the benefit of their students? And, by the way, not all kids get into mischief. So stereotypical. yes i agree that majority of teenagers nowadays get into trouble with the law. but that does not make them any stupid-er or dumb-er or less capable than other ‘angelic’ kids.

3) “…He doesnt really care if he gets caught again- “I’ll just go for detention again. It’s no big deal. Clearly he’s the rebellious type who hangs around shopping malls. Someone whom responsible parents and educators want their sons, daughters and students to avoid.”

My answer: Exactly my point! the more you agitate the young, immature minds of us youngsters, the more they’ll do it. Like i said, EVERYONE IS GIVEN A CHOICE AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING. Dont be suprised that these ‘rebellious’ students are those who excel and do even better than ‘angelic’ ones. I have a friend like that. Jairus Ang. He’s rebellious, obnoxious, rude, insensitive, not serious about his work etc. He still ends up in a decent polytechnic with a decent course and he even can bank in more distinctions than myself. Doesnt mean someone is rebellious and all they’re bad people. For all you know this might broaden student’s perspectives on people. I have friends who’re like that. Who smokes, drinks, has tattoos etc. but I still befriend them. but, I HAVE A CHOICE to be like them or not.

4) “…giving too much trust leads to alot of negative consequences.”

My answer: So giving little or no trust at all will give positive results?

These are some of the exerpts that makes me ponder. Hence, proving my point that everyone is indeed different and have different opinions. I think that the ban is ridiculous. I dont think the students will benefit anything frm this ban. And therefore, I’m proud that I came from East Spring Secondary School cos i feel that they nurtured good values and traits in me. They give us a chance to make a choice, and accept the consequences and learn from it. Although i used to think my school values were ridiculous and not important, now i see why we had such things called SFL, RISE lessons etc. And as I;ve learnt in some workshops for success for living, “Choices have consequences” Thank you, East Spring.

B. Issue 2: Being Judgemental

Dont judge a book by it’s cover. Know people well enough to judge them. Just cos they spur out vulgarities they are not bad people. They might turn out to be better people than you are. Just cos they’re not as ‘angelic’ as you are doesnt mean they’re failures in life and they’re out to creat trouble and ruin all our lives. You dont know them, DONT JUDGE THEM. I’ve experienced that before and it made me regret till this second. And it ruined my January/February 09. You are narrow minded people with puny brains. I regret ever talking to you. And I cant stand your stupid questions which really make me give you this face =.=|| Think before you talk. Dont make yourself sound like damn fool. I say the word Fuck. And Chibai. And KNNCB. Sorry for being bad -.- well fuck you! Just so you know, “FUCK” is an authorised english word and can be found in Websters Dictionary. I really dont know what the hell is your problem. Judging people when you just look at them from the surface, hence emphasising how narrow minded you little twits are. What a comedic relief. You people are so caught up in being nice, that you dont realise how mean and not-nice you really are.

I bet you drink yakult. yakult has bacteria too.



NOTE: All the information on the new paper thing is found in the new paper itself. and i quoted some from the new paper too. Date and title reflected at the beginning of the post.


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