Just know that I made new friends, met old friends, Keith thought leggings were painted on a girls’ legs, met Enno after school, ate a mcspicy, tried, failed, gave up, stoned, cried on mum’s shoulder, talked to mum, told mum everything, stoned again, showered, paid back my prayers, teared while asking God for help, gulped down alot of water, still stoning.

Therefore, 6am for running it shall be.


5 thoughts on “School”

  1. tiara princesszxzxzxz. chill k. you have us..

    i d k what prblm melande you.. but i dont like to see you sad.. koz you are always cheerful!!

    take care ok and have a nice day k (:

    … and i feel guilty bout yesterday.. errrk.. 😀

  2. Which khai? LOL. Khairul Ashraf? Khairul Anwar? Khairul Nizham? Hahahhahaha. but anyway, thanks for the concern. and guilty for wat? hahahhaha.

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