I am very hungry while typing this.

Hello Wello, Fellow Earth People. (Dont ask why i decided to say hi like that)

running this morning didnt happen. HAHA.

Here’s wat happened.

5:55 am (Yes, I’m crazy. Wake up at 5:55 to go toilet and get ready to run on a Sunday morning. But whatever. ) :
Woke up, brushed teeth, took my air sembahyang. Prayed, and got ready.

6: 07 am: Texted Enno and Kak Edel saying that I’m leaving the house. No response from Enno, but Kak Edel responded with, “DONT!”

6: 15: tried calling Enno, but her phone was off. Asked Del why i shdnt go out yet, she said she and eka were gonna be uber late. So I waited for enno to get back to me. Dozed off at the couch a little.

6:30: still no Enno. Mum came out frm her room. Told her i was kinda lazy to go.

6:45: Enno still cant be contacted. And I’m not an inconsiderate son of a gun who calls people’s houses at 7 am on a Sunday morning. So I texted Del saying I wasnt interested to go anymore. So eventually they went ahead without me.

6:50: took off my lenses, my hairband, my sports attire. Put on my PJs and went back to sleep. zzzzzzz

Then I woke up around 9 ish only to find myself falling asleep at the couch -.- By 10 i showered and got ready for class at 11, which i arrived late for. But wtv. Haha. Ustazah didnt ask me anything. Woo. Met Iddy after wat seemed like eons. Haaa. caught up. and after class we went to ehub cos she wanted to get me my present- new havaianas solid slippers in red. Screw patterns. LOL. I’m Kickin’ it old school. Rawr. After a good 15 mins picking a pair of decent slippers, i finally got one. Apparently the NUM outlet at Ehub is really useless. To me, at least. They already know the size that I’m using is a common size. THEN SHIP IN MORE DAMMIT. And there werent any nice patterned slippers anyway. And I’m very pissed with the lack of sizes for my feet. like i said, the excuse they gave me was “that size is a very common size” Prior to that, shouldnt they ship in more of those sizes, and less of the humongous ones in a very gay colour? I know guys nowadays are daring enough to wear pink and shit. But seriously? How many guys who would wear purple slippers with A METALLIC PINK STRAP?? Unless they’re trying to tell me that women now have freakishly huge feet. Yeah, maybe some do. But the majority dont. Can you believe it? One slipper which was purple didnt have my size. Everything I wanted, didnt have my size. -.- Might as well dont open a damn outlet there, where it cant cater to alot of people. (Well I wouldnt consider myself “alot” lah. But still, the customer is always right)

Sheesh. I wanted to just leave the place, until i found the red solid coloured one. Like my old turqoise blue havaianas, but in red. I told u, i only want simplicity. And yah. If NUM people read this, I hope you’ll do something concerning the shipping of the sizes of your slippers. Shops are supposed to cater to the customers. But I see no point in having one if everything i ask for is not available in my size. Maybe I was too late in getting that slippers in my size. But i mean if u already knew it was a popular design, and size, shouldnt u replenish the stock? *rolls eyes*

After getting my slippers  we went to White Sands and Iddy bought me my stationery. LOL! and then she treated me to swensens ice cream. All in all, Thanks iddy for having the thought (and executing it) of bringin me out for my birthday- Although it’s a mth belated. Haha. But it’s the thought that counts =) Soooo after i got home, i took abit of lunch and then i got read to go ikea with mum n dad. bought frames and vases and shit. and then went to granny’s plc.

So. Imagine praying for the same thing everyday… ( for muslims, 5 times a day; everyday) And finally, God answered your prayers? I truly feel thankful and blessed that God listened to my prayers, and answered my prayers. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. It may not seem much, but it helped. Alhamdulillah.

Off to TP with Midzi tmr at noon. Heheh. I miss Midzi! I’m accompanying him (together with Khairul Ashraf n Iifah) to go appeal for BCM. I really hope he gets in! Insya Allah. I think Midzi deserves a spot there. Cos I mean, he’s so interested in it, and he did well for FNN. This week being my last week of “everyday do nothing/slack/go out”, I’ve literally planned out my week. No, not OCD. I just wanna embrace the last days of my freedom of doing nothing.

OK I’M VERY HUNGRY. RAWR. till later,

Your very thankful mean person,


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