I’m glad I’m out of secondary school. Now I see how crazily immature these secondary school children can be. No doubt i was one of them, but hmm, i’ve learnt my lesson? You know what? I’ve never been one of THEM. Cos unlike them, I think with my brains and not my ass. regardless what everybody thinks of my photo on the cover of east spring’s 09 student handbook, i think i look damn dope. who else would dare to strike a pose like that and let every single student have it in their bags? I bet if some girl looked like that and it appeared on the cover, they’d shriek, “OMG!!! SO UGLY!! SO PAISEHHH!! NOT CHIO!!” Haha. insecure bastards. Unlike you pea sized brain people, I dare to be different. Screw stereotypes. I’m proud of my face in that photo. It is, after all, MY FACE. and it is a FUN SHOT. Sooo? I see no problem giving a very interesting face.

To those children who recognise me from the book, good for you. see my face every day when you have to jot down your homeworks.

I am, after all, someone who got a once in a lifetime opportunity to be remembered. (together with the other peeps in that photo. but cos of my supposedly ‘outrageous’ pose..)

Haha. then again, thanks for saying there was nose shit in my nose in the picture! I feel touched. YOU REMEMBERED ME. AWWWWW. how sweet. cos you know why? the ugly and disgusting stuff sticks in your head the most. Dont believe me? Well lets seee… Remember the smoking advert? with the disgusting pictures of people with the consequences of smoking? Yah. seee. you remember it vividly. It’s media mixed with psychology, babies.

Till then,
Au revoir


11 thoughts on “Anger/Funny”

  1. Haha. Even better, they wont understand a word i just said. Not that I’m belittling them. It’s just the cold hard facts. Tell me if I’m wrong -.- HAHA

  2. Temasek’s Hospitality! Zzz hahaha this year is 8 points!! Anyway, y’knw what’s the intake for this year? I hope it’s high!

  3. Oh, and I think I asked you this but I can’t find the comment. Lessons started? Cuz I think I read somewhere about you saying there’s lectures etc etc. HAHAH

    1. Oh so sorry! Hahaha. I was waiting for your reply too! LOL. Cos I’m under DPA. So like, the tutorials and lectures start on 16 feb… You’re in business school then! hahaha. ok waaat. I’m not too sure abt the intake lar. but for Psycho it’s like 75 peeps… under JAE..

    1. i havent start my lessns yet.. now it’s just the orientation. like got outdoor activities and all… lessons start on 16 feb. Hmm. Not really lah. was thinkin of criminal psychology… but s’pore hardly has psychopathic criminals. lol

  4. Agreed! S’pore really has got nothing much to advance for Psychology. That’s why I’m thinking of Child Psychology but … might not be good too ugh.

    Orientation sounds like fun! Hahah

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