This morning, while God was watching me asking him for enlightenment and beg him to make me strong, I blurted out something I’ve always substituted as “…care deeply for and sincerely…”, as something else. Something deeper, something which carried alot of weight. I swear my eyes were half open, and all i wanted to do was get back in bed and continue sleeping. When the word came out from my mouth, my eyes shot wide open. Shocked, i wrapped up my doa (prayers; the ones where u ask God for something or forgiveness) and went back to bed. 30 mins ago, i woke up.

What I said next, was something I would never imagine myself saying- especially now.


You figure it out.


“It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies; It’s Compromise That Moves Us Along”
She Will Be Loved; Maroon 5


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