Quit your life, and stay with me.

Nothing much happened since the day I last blogged. My days were pretty mundane. But the presence of my girlfriends and my random tprawks dudes lightened my load. A little, at least. The night before CNY, my family had our own reunion dinner. I freakin wore my cheongsam with pride and dignity, even though i’m not even chinese to begin with. Cheongsams are hotstuff. I see no reason why chinese people dont wear them.. oh well, people have their own preferences. Awesome food. the soup made me high. *Slurps* Then, the first day of Chinese New Year. Mum & Dad went to Batam with Auntie Lin and the 2 kids. So that afternoon my girls came over to watch atonement. After that i got ready to meet Zam, Hadi, Faiz, Farhan, and Farhan’s friend, Yun with the hope that we could catch the eclipse. But no. we didnt. Boo. But Faiz came equipped with shades, binoculars and err, a screwdriver? in his bag. LOL.


They were actually serious. It wasnt a pose. I just snapped it.

So we were bummed that we missed the eclipse. So we slacked at ate at MacDs. We got soo bloated that we were too lazy to leave. Until i said i had to go stand up before my ass permanently sticks itself to the chair. So we walked to a nearby block where the dudes played taiti. I still dont get the game… Even after zam explained it to me. Oh well. After about 20 mins I left. Chilled and watched 40 year old virgin till Mum & Dad came home, ate some bread and called it a night.

Day 2 of CNY was spent with my girls over at Bugis. Still, many shops were closed. So we sat and talked while eating at MacDs. I swear I can get sick of MacDs. I shoved into my system a mcSpicy meal. I need to exercise. We didnt do much actually. After lunch we went back home. Liyana went to her granny’s place at Bishan, and Farie went home. I went to the granny’s place at Aljunied. I reached and Gaek was alone at home. Awww. Nenek, Auntie Lin and the 2 girls went to shop and save cos apparently that was the only place that was freaking open at that area. Gosh. 15 minutes after i reached they came back and I talked to Auntie Lin and the 2 girls. Auntie Lin got all whiny, haha. but she made a point. Soon after Mum and Dad arrived so the night was basically the same. Went home. Slacked. And went to bed.

Today i woke up at 9, hoping that Enno wld be at work and online. But she took leave. hahaha. So i smsed her instead. By 10 i was out. I walked to Liyana’s condo and met Farie at the no. 5 bus stop. We chilled by the pool. And I swear, I loved chilling there. Cool shiznit ar. Waited for the guys. And then we watched movies. Rush hour 3, Hannibal Rising and Scary Movie 3. We ordered pizza! Heeee. I’m such a pig. I love food. I dont care. Weeeeeeeeee. Before we left we went to feed the killer fishes at the pond. CRAZY FISHES, I TELL YOU. they’d kill each other for food. Madness.


I’d like to thank Adidas for making that jersey. HAHA!


Ahhhhh the regular bitching.




Dont ask me what’s wrong with the picture. I accidentally covered the flash.


Pizza! Food! yay!


eat, helmi. Eat!



tomorrrooooooooo. I feel like going to the gym. I wanna run. but, on the contrary, I’m kinda lazy. Haaaa. Cant wait to talk to enno tmr. A lot of things to talk about. And Friday F & I are goin to L’s place again. But this time, to swim. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


“So quit your life,
And stay with me.
We’ll order in and watch tv,
We’ll paint the house,
And wash the car.
We’ll take a walk but not too far.
So quit your life,
And stay with me.”

– Quit Your Life; MxPx

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