Rules must be followed:Each blogger must post this rules.Each blogger must start with ten random facts about themselves.Bloggers that are tagged need to write about their own blog, ten things and post this rules.Don’t forget to leave them comments telling them they have been tagged and are to read your blog.


10 Random Facts about me.

1. I love to eat, and i still look like a stick

2. I’m an only child.

3. I’m a bitch =)

4. I love purple

5. I can move my ears without touching them

6. I love to smile and laugh

7. I’m a slacker  

8. I love jokes

9. I love eeyore the donkey

10. I have a thing for hot men


1. Who’s the person that tagged you?



2. Relationship between you and him/her?



3. Three impressions of him/her

loud. Nonsensical. Funny


4. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?

Ignore him


5. What will you say to the person you like very much?



6. Characteristic i like about myself?

I’m a very open minded person, so it’s easy for me to make new friends


7. Characteristic i hate about myself?

I love myself too much


8. For the person whom you hate, you say?

Haha. I dont hate.


9. What do people feel about you?

Ask them! but I think they think I’m a very dope person, with very witty comebacks..


10. Your crush?

Hahaha. I’ll leave it undisclosed (winks) if u wanna know then ask yrself.


11. Pass this to 10 people:


1. Farie

2. Hanna

3. Razeef

4. Midzi

5. Iddy

6. Afiq

7. balqis

8. Azura

9. rhel

10. enno!


12. If 5 & 7 were together?

O.O hahah do they even knw each other??? Hmmmmmmmm


13. who does 5 like?

HAHA! i have no idea


14. What colour does 9 like?

Omg I’m so sorry I’m disappointing u bro. I DONT KNOW YR FAV COLOUR T_T. such a sister i am.


15. Say something about 8?

One of the good friends i have since sec 1.. Although not really close, but i like giving her hugs once in a while. haha

16. Who is 2?

Coven sister, who loves Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint 🙂

17. Talk about 3.

Short. Cute. Funny. MY SINGING PARTNER. My Coven brother 🙂

18. Who is 10’s best friend?

Her sister, i think? Or maybe a girl named Nurul… or Fudgy… Or Effa.. Or Akki… all her best gfs lah. Heheh. Wah not bad. I know who’re her gfs. I’m so cool! 😀 LOL


19. Who’s the sexiest among all 10?

I’d have to say Midzi.


20. What colour does 4 like?

All neon colours


21. Is 4 single?

yesssssss. Hehehhehe.


22. Your relationship with 1.

My Darling gf, F. Xoxo


23. Are 5 & 6 best friends?



24. 9’s surname?



25. 7’s nickname?

Bal! Hahhah


26. Say something to 8.

Tell me if u need more songs! Heheheh.

27. Say something to help 9.

help her for wat?LOL


28. Who do i admire?
Me? I admire good people

29. Where does 1 live?

dont tell u lah


30. 10 of them know who you like?

hahha. no. =P not all


31. Say something to 6 when you see her.



32. 10’s spouse?

she’s not married?

I got bored. and Zam tagged me to do this thingy. So i did. Haaaa.


hello, earthlings! Sorry for the long absence. I didnt have the mood to type out anything. Anyhoos. these past few days have been rather unpredictable? I went bowling with the 4e2 peeps minus Syed Faiz (EHEM) butt plus Faiz Zainuddin a.k.a Faiz Besar. I sucked, as usual out of the 2 games, i onoly managed to score 2 strikes. how kental is that. -.- but oh well. the company was fun! We bowled at Ehub. I looked dumb with the shoes. Heck all of us looked dumb in the ugly shoes. After bowling, we went to eat at BK. I miss BK. Rawr. Pics are up at my facebook. Lazy to upload here. ^_^v maybe i’ll upload tmr or smth. Ahhhhh. tomorroowwww. I’ll be waking up at 6 (courtesy to Enno’s wake up call, and my alarm.) For what, u may ask? Well, the five of us are going jogging again! 😀 the joy! We shd really do this every week. I feel driven. Lol. I like to exercise. Although i hate running, but oh well. Exercising gives u endorphins, endorphins make u happy. ALL THE BETTER! And after exercising we’ll indulge in food from Qiji. yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Rawr. And finally, i had ice cream today =) today was random. I finished up Vampire Academy and went for a nap at 3:30. I woke up an hr later, only to find out that someone was waiting for me =x hahah. paiseh moment. I HAD to shower. Cos i knew i looked like crap after my nap. at 5 i came down.

reached home at 8:30. called mum before that to tell her i was on the way home. Oh. and tmr i have a date with mum. LOL. it’s a mother daughter thing. haaaaa. supposed to be sleeping cos i have to wake up at like 6? Till tmr,

your smiling again friend,


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