Today’s episode wasnt that depressing! YAY! 😀
Soooo. That made me a tad bit happy. Heh. And I was online from 9 am -5:30pm non stop. Shit. I’m a certified computer addict. Well, not that i care anyway~ Haha. I accompanied Enno while she was at work, and she accompanied me while I rotted at home. At around 4 mum came home. Apparently her office had a power failure. So basically, she went to work for nothing. -.-

After Mum came home I got bored. So i decided to curl my hair with my curling iron. I looked like a really bad old Charlie’s Angel Character O.o Had a good laugh. Mum said I looked like an Ah Soh -_-” So i quickly tied it up into a ponytail. Now it feels all bouncy.. Haha. Sooooo. Nothing much today. Tried snapping some pics, but I didnt feel enlightened to take any pictures.

That was today. I think GG made me happier. Thank God for GG. Till next time,



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