A follow-up, I presume?

Sorry to burst your boring little bubbles, but no; there will be no follow up =) Not happy? I dont care =)

As a whole, today was rather boring and meaningless. Enno and I might just be the 2 most cranky people today. And we vowed that we have to treat ourselves one day. Anyway, I left home at 10:30 am and headed to tmart mac. Switched on the lappy, and continued chatting with Enno while indulging the apple pie i purchased. After half an hour, Farie came and we waited for Liyana. We talked and got something to eat while waiting for the time to pass till it was okay for us to collect our yearbooks. The yearbooks werent fantastic as I thought they’d be. They didnt showcase the fun shots from the Graduating batch. But oh well. I’m just thankful I at least have a yearbook. The plan was to watch The Haunting of Molly Hartley. However, the timings werent on our side, and I had to chase for time cos I needed to get home and do my prayers. Besides, I wasnt in a happy mood for a movie today and for that, I apologise to my gfs. They went to the library while i went home. Had my lunch, did my prayers and took a nap. I thought that maybe sleeping it off would make me feel better. Apparently, it made no significant difference cos I still woke up feeling like shit anyway. It was already 6 by then, and Enno had already left her office so i cant talk to her online anymore. Did the afternoon prayers and stoned all the way till now. Had my dinner and did my prayers, and here I am, typing this monotonous post. Oh, and the outing with iddy was cancelled cos her pay has not been transferred. So, another day then.

Honestly, I have no idea why I’m feeling crappy; In a sense that I have no solid reason why i feel like this. I feel angry? Not entirely. I feel sad? I think. So ultimately, I dont really have any idea why I feel so crappy. The thing is, it doesnt make me feel any better. *Shruggs* Till whenever I feel like typing again,



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