It’s like, God Answered my prayers

Remember in one post I was wondering why I kinda stopped bitching?
And How i reminisced a few posts where I was being really straightforward?
Well tonight is your lucky night, earthlings. Finally, I have something to talk about. Well it’s not entirely being bitchy and mean. It’s more of getting facts straight, and settling a misunderstanding that I was just aware of like 30 mins ago. I hope this doesnt start an arguement, cos I dont like to argue when I feel like I’m missing out most of the facts and reasons; Whatever the reasons may be. Just hear me out, and I hope that you get where I’m coming from.

Firstly, I just want to make it a point that however my appearance appeals to you, does not matter to me. If you think I’m ugly, so be it. I’m happy looking the way I am. If you think I’m not bad looking, then Alhamdulillah. I appreciate your compliment. Like I’ve said in one of my posts dated in December, how you perceive the way I look does not get to me. Yeah, my face is acne infested… I dont have the body that dude’s like. I dont have a guy likeable face. Whoever who knows me inside out understands and knows how to break me apart. And my appearance is not one of the ways to do so. So, no effect there.

And me being ‘not good’ cos I needed someone else’s help to solve my own problems?
Firstly, what problem? and yah. DO I EVEN KNOW YOU TO EVEN SPEAK ABOUT MY PROBLEMS?

Ahhh. See. That’s the main thing. You dont know me. So stop going around saying shit like as if u know me for eons, when u clearly dont. Cos if u did know me, u wouldve known that remarks such as “ugly” dont get to me. And yah. I’m not good. I’m not worthy to be called “good” cos I cant solve my own problems? So what makes you so much better of a person than I am? Oh I didnt know that calling people “ugly” even before you meet up is something very GOOD. And I didnt know slandering people is GOOOD. I’m sorry, I must be living under a rock for the past 17 years of my life -.-

There’s one thing that pisses me off more than anything else; and that is judging someone without even knowing them. I bet you that you have no idea how many zeros are there in my IC number. I bet you that you have no idea which traditional Indonesian society I come from. I BET YOU, YOU DONT KNOW ONE THING ABOUT ME THAT ALL MY CLOSE FRIENDS KNOW. If you dont know all these facts about me, then I dont think you have a right to tell me shit that I’m ugly, and i’m not fit enough to be called good. If i’m bad, i think you’re worse off than me. As much as I’m a NO GOOD PERSON COS I DONT KNW HOW TO SOLVE MY OWN PROBLEMS…. At least i have my own self respect, and i dont call people ugly. ESPECIALLY when i havent even met them in my whole entire life. If you didnt want me to be going out with your bro, you shouldve just said so. I never intended to show your bro this side of me, but thats how i roll. The ability to counter attack is in my blood. Maybe you’re protecting your bro. I respect that. But never, EVER, talk shit about me especially when you have know clue who, or what i am, and what i can be. I’m sorry if this gets to you, or offends you. but i think it’s only fair, if i spoke my peace, after you spoke yours. I say regret it, or embrace it. Embrace it, if you want; that is, if you can.

Your very elated friend who is given a chance to strike back,
Tiara (:




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