Sleeping early syndrome is back

Okay. So what did i do today. Hmmmmm. I woke up early at around 8:30 and brushed my teeth. Cos Eka and I were supposed to go swimming, but she was tired so we decided not to go. Since i slept earlier the night before, I was wide awake by nine. I slacked and talked to enno online. I felt really bad this morning =( and my tummy aches didnt make it better. I have no idea what’s wrong with my tummy these days. When I’m hungry and i get food, i dont feel like eating. But if I dont eat something, my tummy will hurt even more. And i realised that i’ve been going to the toilet to do my private banking one too many times in one morning = I got myself some breakfast and gulped down a cup of Eno. After that i took my shower and continued talking to Enno. Took an hour to reply Luqman ^_^ HAHAHAA. An hour. such a bitch i am =P After zohor i went out to check out some books at the library. I was home by 5:30 (LOL. somebody scared i never get to do my asar prayers waaaat. =P) haha. and then I talked to mubarak online cos he wanted to join psycho via dpa. heh. Oh and i Did do my prayers, btw. Haaaa.

Slacked till mum came home. I actually wanted to watch dracula on HBO. I ended up laughing. Lol. I’m sorry! The dude was freaking pale white. And his cape was even longer than Princess Diana’s Wedding gown train! Like, how do you walk in that thing?? And the Cullens still look way better than Dracula. Haaaaa. I got bored so I watched funny videos online; like Fred. Lol. That dude is funny. his voice already irritates you. Then i went to shower and pray. And I ate again.. YES, MY APPETITE IS BACK! ALHAMDULILLAH. Lol. For a moment there i thought i was not gonna love food anymore =( Talked to Dzul. Hahha. He asked some questions about who I was with when he saw me from the bus stop.. I got bored and read my lovely bitchy posts that I’m superly proud of. I’m fiesty. Rawr. Hahahha.

Eka called me about 10 mins ago asking if i wanted to go swimming tmr. I feel lazy. Boooooo. Hmmmmmm. Maybe i wont go. Since I’m lazy. ^_^ And I have no idea why I’m suddenly tired so early. O.o WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!  T_T I havent been taking alot of pictures. BOOO. I bet my camera feels all sad. Hmmm. Well. I think I’m tired of typing. And I feel bored! Where’s all the action man. All the bitchiness. Rawr.


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