Depressing, so depressing


Because Chuck and Blair must be together!
So depressing man.
And Blair didnt have to throw the flowers back right?!
I feel like crying lor.

Ok la ok la. Bye la.



I’m listening to Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeve’s song; Droplets.
And I just wanna say something that’s like tearing me apart? Whatever you call it, however it’s called.
Maybe I do like you. or Maybe i liked. Maybe I still do? Gosh. I dont know. But whatever it is, I just wanted you to know that i feel abit wrong when i was being asked why I didnt wish you luck at all. And i feel bad cos I didnt ask you how you did, let alone comfort you. I dunno, although i’ve only known you for awhile, I feel like i’m being treated like nonsense. you come and you go.. and you leave these complicated signs for me to figure out… Maybe i overthought stuff. And that it’s my fault for doing so. But havent you thought, that what if someone really likes you only to know and find out you say the exact same words to some other girl? I feel crushed. I feel like a complete idiot for even having a thought that you liked me or whatever. But i guess, shit happens. And I’ll just take it with a pinch of salt. God knows, maybe you didnt receive my sms yesterday night… Or maybe you just felt hurt cos I’m completely ignoring you. Whatever it may be, i texted you with sincerity. Now I dont know how i feel about you? I’m in a daze. My gfs are happy that I’m over you. But am i? For real? I dunno.

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