And its over…





Cute right… Cover page of 2009 east spring handbook. HAH!


Easy, breezy, beautiful; Covergirl. HAHAH!


Jairus and I! And he’s sooo sweet lor! He gave us a hug. Awwwww.

So as yall can see, I got an L1R5 of 18 points, and L1R4 of 14 points. Yeah, quite high… Blablabla. But honestly, I’m very satisfied. I walked out of the house today telling myself that I’d be satisfied with anything below 20 points. And i got it πŸ˜€ I’m not smart or a whiz or anything, but Lemme tell you, i feel very satisfied. I get to keep my DPA spot, and although my maths suck, I’m still happy =) and I’m sooo glad Cikgu Sabariah made us retake malay, cos me, Farie and Liyana improved! I got an A1 for Malay!!! From a B3 to A1!!! WOOHOOO!! I’m proud of everyone of us. And I actually passed science. i’m serioussss!! Lols. So yeah, I’m happy ^_^v

I would like to thank Allah S.w.t for answering myΒ prayers, Alhamdulillah. I am very greatful and blessed. Also, thank you to Β All the teachers for teaching us what we need to know and for guiding us through the O level period. Thanks to my parents for believing in me and giving me confidence; auntie lin, who bothered to call me while she was at work; nenek who always taught me to accept whatever happens with open arms (in other words, redha); Enno, who always supports me no matter what happens (even making me imagine that she’s cheering me on with red pompoms); my pals, for always sticking by me. HEHE.

And I’d like to extend more thanks to Kak Nadia, who actually remembered and called me to ask me how i did. I think that is very sweet of you =) I feel very touched. Hehehe.

To those who think that they havent done so well, fret not. Everything happens for a reason. If it means you taking a longer route, then do it. it’s not the end. take everything with a pinch of salt. Cos if you work for it, you can make it. And to those taking part in JAE, GOOD LUCK! πŸ˜€

Like I said, I’m not smart. I’m very contented with what I’ve been given. Alhamdulillah (:


4 thoughts on “And its over…”

  1. hey tiara, SYABAS (:

    wasted my golden opportunity to retake my malay olevel T_T.. tydo ssaa pat rumah.. hmph. hahah

    YEAY! ehh dragon boat ngn aku ok ?

  2. LOL! Easy breezy cover girl! ahahhaa
    Congratulations with your result! =D
    My class will be the last class for literature and its scary, if can, give me tips on lit! Hehe.

    1. hahhaha sure, babe! Heeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^v and thanks heee. ya lor. now all the juniors look at me. then i forget that my face terpampang at the cover of the 2009 handbook… Lol

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