tick tock tick tock.

I’m kinda numb right this second. I feel all stony and shit.

Like, for the whole day. I’ve been staring into space, sleeping, eating. I dont even feel like writing anything.
Okay i think the anticipation is getting to my head. Not good. I might lose my mind.
I see alot of my friends online… I think that they’re not gonna sleep?
I may not sleep either. school uniform it is. Full. Well. One last time. What have i got to lose.

Back to stoning.
to all those taking their results tmr, Good luck!
and just a thing for yall to think about, we’re all stressing about results and shit. imagine if u aint got a home, and where ever you’re at now, it cld just blow up into pieces. Will you be stressed? yeah. So if you cant give any donation to help the Gaza people, at least offer a prayer. For more detailed info, go to http://farierose.wordpress.com

till then, good luck for results.

the very stony and numb,


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