Yesterday was beyond awesome! After I helped out at the Psychology booth, met Eka and Ain, and Zam and his friends. I was hungry so luckily i brought nasi goreng from home hehehe. Soooo after that was jamnhop. wasnt sooo crazy about the jamming part, but the dancing part was DOPE. So many dance circles were made… So many cool dancers… Afiq, Shadiq, Suha, Iylia, Zahran, Dhab, Liyana, Hidayah, Ameena and Shahidah were there too! So fun! Hahaha. Well at first we were too caught up following the guys to dance circles cos we wanted to see them dance. And as always, Afiq and Shadiq represented us. HAHA! but soon after, we girls made our own dance circle with Mostafa and his friends and some TP people! Ok. at that time, I let go like waejrlawiherlawsrhelwihw.erhwalie.

I danced like there’s no tomorrow. And Liyana? FOOYOH. clubber or whatttttttttt??!? hahhahahah. Look so innocent, but i tell you. She will dance man. Wooooooo. hahahaha. Met new people. Took some pics. And when the event ended we all went home. I slept at around 2 and woke up with an aching body. Aaaahhh. It was worth it =) Ooooooo. and I danced with my new vans! Boo to zam for saying it looks like a minah shoe. YAY to afiq for saying it looks good on me. And i trust him cos well, he’s trustable. hahaha. when he doesnt like something, he’ll say it. Hahaha. Yeah whatever, although is fucking checkered, I’m no minah. So yah. =)

Pictureeeessssss! (some pics i wont put up cos some showed girl’s cleavage. Well. they’re not intentional)







Muka kuali. Haha. I’m wearing afiq’s cap! His humongous cap… Shouldve brought my red and white one!!!! grrr.



Meet our new friend in purple; Man! 😀


4 thoughts on “Dope.”

  1. Which Course are you going to go ? Ohhh wait I asked you before right! Psychology is it? Did you sign up for the Dual Diploma ?

  2. Hahahhaa. yeah, psychology! Nope, i didnt.. cos i’m not that really interested in the early childhood thing…

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