Woke up after mum left for work. Showered and got ready… to go for an interview with the girls at orchard. Apparently i got the job. Yay, for a while. Until i realised I had training on monday. but i hafta collect my results on monday. soooo my application is pending.

After that we tried to find nice vans slip ons. but couldnt find any so we indulged in yami yoghurt. F, L and Rhel went to SP while I went home. A few mins after i arrived, enno arrived! Woooo! so we slack2 lor. We talk2. Then after eating, we set off for pasir ris at 5. We bladed there. HAAHA. and enno was like “Ok. To go blading to pasir ris with tiara must get new brakes!” lol. so we reached pasir ris. then we wanted to get drinks, but nooo. no skates allowed at dwntown east. so we bladed back to tamp. took off our blades and changed to slippers. we then enjoyed bubble tea and waffles! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. today was D-O-P-E. I’m so glad that we’re all really happy again! like no troubles, no attitude shit. Alhamdulillah =) And tante and family gave me a present for my birthday ah. I was shocked ok. Like. O.O i felt like i couldnt except such a present. but it’s a gift, and it’s rezeki, so i thanked them a million and still lay in shock. Hahahah. really man…. Hahha. soon after enno had to leave with tante and mamak man cos they were waitingΒ  for a call from abang yan who’s way away at tekong! I MISS YOU, AND TAKE CARE ABA NG YAN! πŸ˜€

He’s a cool dude. He’s tough. He’ll be fine =) Insya Allah. Later Mum called tante to thank her for giving me the gift. Hehehe. I so love my family man. Hehehe.

Aside from that, I feel bad for letting zam read my rants and all. And my complaints. I apologised alot of times. But he insisted and forced me not to say sorry. LOL. So i said thanks instead. and Afiq, as always. Willing to listen to my ugliest times and moments. Hahaha. And of cos, ROBBOBQOB. Always cheer me up no matter what! ( yes farie, even the fact that yr phone drowned cheered me up lol) and Rhel, it felt nice to see you =) it’s been soo long since we all met you. hehhe. ^_^

ok. i’m filled with chocolates. that makes me happy, but not exactly. how could that be? i exercised today. exercise gives off endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Haiz. oh well. anyway, enno! thanks for spending time with me. Kite touched sekali sey. ^_^ hhahaah. thanks for the present. and awak jangan stress and marah2 ok. nanti marah2 tak cute. LOL. remember your pact with fala. hahaha.


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