T Minus 3 days.

So today, I woke up and got ready to meet eka. We went jogging at the stadium. Showered at the sports hall and went straight to TP. I was in time, i guess? I met Jasmine and her friend, Hui ying. There was a briefing and apparently there are 9 of us who got into psychology through dpa. I made more friends! Keith and Keith (Yes, 2 keiths!), Jonathan, Michelle, Audrey, Jeramias and a few others whom i didnt catch their names haha. Anyhoos. we were given a tour of the school and saw the booths. After that we went to meet Mr chua, one of the lecturers. Then we had to meet the other lecturer, Mr Ang. He’s the dude who kinda got me into Psychology! Haha. THANK YOU MR ANG ^_^V Hehe.

And then after that I met Farie, Liyana and Rhel! We walked around and all. Gt our goodie bags. Hehehe. And then walked around some more. We wanted the I love tp balloons but by then it was gone =( awww. but nevermind. I met Abigail, Joanne Tan, Kevin and i saw some seniors from  afar.. Like zubair and haziq. after walking around we all went home.

Hmm. I also realised that I’ll be starting school officially VERY soon. Like, real studying. O.O Haaaaaaaaaaa. And i heard its gonna be counted in our GPA or smth. Must earn the credits. Means i have to study and work hard. Crap. And Mr Jerome said that we have to come everyday… Depends on our classes. If it’s in the morning, it’ll be 8-12. Afternoon classes will be from 2-5 O.O Mr Ang told us that we had to email Miss Tan our O level results once we get it! Gosh. 3 days more. Nervous, yet excited, yet scared. Ahhh. everything all mixed into one.



Eka say she shy to take picture haha


Ahhh, the steps. Lol


this was when we got angry at Rhel for taking such a loooong time to snap a pic.






Note by liyana: My eyes were MEANT to be closed.




SMILE, liyana. SMILE. ahhaha

Ok thats all =) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Job interview at orchard tmr morning. mampat man. rawr.


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