i think i should stop watching indonesian dramas. It’s not good for me. I get crushes which are totally way beyond my league, the storyline is always the same- the good people get tortured, like damn sway ah.

But its addictive. Cos i love looking and swooning at the handsome indonesian dudes T_T

That’s bad. Cos it’s bringing me to a life which is not reality. And i hate the storylines. why cant the good people be happy with the one they love and not be disturbed by some whore? WHY WHY? why must the shows be sooo exaggerated. Sigh. So depressing lor. I must stop this habit. and rely on dhab to tell me what happens! HEHEHEHE.

i still want a good lookin muslim indonesian boyfriend. Cos singapore malay dudes- 95% of them are… Must I actually say? You know it. hahahha. Better still, maybe i’ll migrate to jakarta. Rawr. Ok. see what typical indonesian dramas do to me?!!!!!!! it’s making me dream. dreaming is bad. and I’ll be starting school soon. Like real lessons. MUST. STOP. WATCHING.

(whines again… over the same issue…)


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