January 7th.


ok so Liyana and I went job hunting. We met under my block and then headed to tmart mac. as we were looking through jobs…


I think the name of that bar is damn cool. WALA WALA. Imagine if a new employer asks you where you’ve worked…

Employer: Do you have any experience?
Job Applicant: Yes
E: Oh really? Where?
J.A: WALA WALA cafe bar



And Me, being kental, thought that the person’s name, was FLUENT ENG…. but actually it meant, fluent in ENGLISH…
Hello? I was like “Sial la. who names the child FLUENT…. Sheesh” HAHAHHA. bimbo. I know. oh well. We all have those days, haha.
on the way to suntec, we laughed so hard that we didnt look sane at all. I think i started it. Cos i told Liyana how much i disliked guys who wear necklaces and how irritated i get.

Liyana: hmmm. Male wearing necklaces….
Tiara: hahhaa. I hate it.
L: AHAHHHA! I just thought of something. MACKLECES (male + necklaces)

Oh no, we didnt stop there. Liyana had to carry on… So this was what we got…

1) Ma-earrings (Male + earrings)
2) Mags (Male + Bags)
3) Ma-celets (Male + Bracelets)
4) Muds (Male + Studs)

All sorts of crappy stuff… Very lame. But, entertaining. Haha. we went to suntec to get yoghurt and got my flats. Then we went home. In the train there was this couple who hugged the pole. and liyana and i couldnt grab hold of it. -.- and apparently the girl coughed and i didnt know she coughed. I turned and told liyana “omg. i think i hear a dog bark. am i like dreaming of dogs now?” so paiseh moment. HAHA. but oh well. funstuff~


The bus ride home


(Can u spot that one of liyana’s eyes are smaller than the other?)


Liyana: WHAT?
Tiara: seriouuuuusly? -.-


Tmr morning. RUN RUN RUN with eka! and then head down to tp ((((:

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