Ignorance Is Bliss.

So the girls came over to my place to watch movies. We started off watching Gossip Girl Episode 14. And it almost left me crying. The promo for Episode 15? Made me wanna cry even more. Dammit. Haha. After that we watched The History Boys. TOTALLY twisted show. I like the literature. Hate the gay moments. Hate the teacher for groping his students while giving them a ride home on his motorbike. but anyhoos. It was good? I think? Oh well. We rented 4bia too. But Liyana didnt wanna watch it -.- BOOO. Haha. We ended up watching E entertainment. Aint so bad.

Actually I wanted to just burst out and let everything out. Let out how angry I feel. How Annoyed I feel. but after i wrote so much, i realised that i sounded like a complete desperate bonehead. ignorance is bliss. though it’s hard for me to ignore it, i’ll do anything to be the better person. Enn, zahran, afiq and my girls made sense. The one person whom I thought was really awesome. Whom I could really click with. But yeah. Shit happens.

Just one word.


If it’s too big a word, then, like.

But ultimately, it doesnt matter, does it? It never has.

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