Just a short one.. (till i get more pics from Elfanessia Bte Effendy)

Haha. ok this post is actually meant for my bestest friend since Sec 1, Fiqqy Fly! (Afiq lah)

We’ve been best buds since like what? 4/5 years ago? thats bloody long ah. HAHAHA. Anyhoooooos. Although the crew and I wont be in school to guide you and all, you know you can call me if you need any help. I may not be the smartest, but I’ll certainly try =) It’s such a bummer that you couldnt graduate with us, but I feel that it’s for the better; In a sense that you DID improve drastically and i’m so very proud of you man. I’m sure you’ll do just fine if you keep up the good work. And if you have difficulty in work, ask the teachers- I’m sure they’ll help. Priority goes to ALL graduating students. Trust me. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride through this 9 months. Work piling up, extra lessons, lab lessons… you name it. They’ll cause your brain to overload. But lemme tell you, it’s all worth it. And for the final lap, GIVE YOUR ALL. Whether it means you have to stay up all night to get that math sum right… or all night to absorb all the important notes for chemistry… DO IT. When you actually sit down and do the paper, Insya Allah, it’ll be a breeze~ Suffer and then enjoy. look at me. I’M A COMPLETE BUM. hahaha. Work hard and u’ve got nothing to lose, my man.

Like how Enn made me feel really calm during my papers. I’ll be cheering you on through it all. Imagine me jumping with red pompoms shouting “GO AFIQ!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!” hhaha. looks/sounds so cheesy but hey. it keeps you calm. Haha. for me at least. hee. GO AFIQ! you can do it. I know you can!



3 thoughts on “Just a short one.. (till i get more pics from Elfanessia Bte Effendy)”

  1. I am deeply touched by the very thought that you’d dedicate such an entry for me.

    Thank you, bestest friend since sec 1. Hee.

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