My First Day As A Seventeen Year Old.

I went to school. Yes, I WENT TO SCHOOL. Met Fareez, Wan and Farie. Farie and I went to collect our EAGLES awards. Heeee. And then we saw most of the teachers! Honestly, I miss school. I miss the vybe and the environment. Anyhoos. We hung around for awhile and then we helped Mdm Noreha (!!!!!) to distribute out the 2009 student handbooks. And my face is on it. Yes. MY FACE. well not just MY face. There’re others too. Mdm Noreha said she’s gonna give me a copy tmr. So I’ll take a picture of it and post it up hehe.

So after extra extra at school, i went home and got ready to meet Liyana for my birthday lunch at ramen ten. Had Tom Yum Beef ramen and Liyana had some teriyaki chicken set. It was kinda funny cos… Haha. just look at the pics later… After that we went to watch Australia. AUSTRALIA IS A DAMN GOOD SHOW AH. 5 STARS from me. No kidding. And Hugh Jackman- IS TO DIE FOR. He’s one HOT 40 something man!!! Seriously. Any girl would fall in love with his character. His body was like woooahh. And the fact that he rode horses and he was strong and he pekat (thick) Australian accent… DELICIOUS. rawr. After the movie I went in search for my new water bottle. I got one from Royal Sporting House. Wanted to get a solid coloured Eastpak bag but i couldnt find any. The plan is to go queensway one of these days to fulfill my birthday wishes with the money my aunts gave me for my birthday.


Me (:




My Noodles


Liyana’s set meal


Me opening my mouth as big as possible so i can shove the whole of the sushi in my


Liyana doing the same thing…Hahaha


OK. MUKA KUALI. Can fry eggs on our faces.


Mummy and Daddy ā¤


Kak Bi and I (:

Ok so. Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday! šŸ˜€ I feel so touched and happy. Hehehe. I appreciate the thought. Heeee.

Y’know, people from overseas actually BOTHERED to text me happy birthday. My Auntie from Padang (Auntie Yan) actually TEXTED me. And it’s expensive. she bothered. My friend, Hafir, didnt have my number. He spent hours finding someone who had my number JUST TO TEXT ME AND WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That’s effort. But whatever. I’m not supposed to care anyway.

There’re so many things I’d like to say to you right now. The fuzzy, annoyed, irritated, frustrated feelings I have.
I refuse to pour everything out here cos there’s no point. You wont even know its YOU. I’ll figure something out.


I informed you. I.

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