hhahahahha! Yes, Nabil is my primary school friend who shares the same birthday as me. The only difference is, I was born at 1:57 am and he was born after subuh, i think. Hehehhe. He sent me a birthday song! LOL. so cute ah.

Anyway, Here are the presents i got from my celebration ytd on new years eve =)



Kak Dira, Abang Gazali, Aniqa and Aryssa got me an Eeyore mug and a super tembam Eeyore doll. Soooooo cutttee and tembam that it reminds me of Aryssa Bam Bam! Hhehehehehhee!


Eka And kakak Edel got me these two things! One, is a wrist pad so i can rest my wrist when I’m typing. Its PURPLE! and there’re cute bears from Forever Friends. And there’s a caption saying “As Long As We Have Each Other” Awwwwww. Soo Swweeet. heheh. But there’s the other thing they got me that is even sweeter…. A ROLLERBLADE STRAP TO CARRY MY ROLLERBLADES!!!!!! I’ve wanted that since a long time ago. Heheh. Cos they asked me what i really needed… So i said, a rollerblade strap. Hahhahahah.


This is the blouse that Farie, Liyana and Dhab got me! 😀 I wore it yesterday (1st Jan)when i went out with Mummy, Daddy and Mbak to Mustafa. You’ll know why I went to Mustafa later. Hehhehe.


The front of the Card Eka and Kak Edel made for me (IT’S PURPLE! And got Smiley face! I like! :D)


The message at the back. hehehe.


Super Cute Card by kak Dira and Family! 😀


Love the note! I think it’s really cute! Heheh (though I know Kak Dira wrote it. Lol!)


Dhab’s card to meeee!!!! Hehhe. (didnt snap the message cos her pen was all glittery. LOL!)


Aaaaandddd Kak Bi, Kak Pa, Auntie Lin and Uncle Fendy got me THIS!!! Such a cute carrrdd hehehe.
They gave me Money. Hehhe. Nenek, Gaek, Mama, and Auntie Miharti also gave me money. Tante says I have yet to claim my present from enno!!!! Winks winks WINKS to ENNO! =P hehehheheheh. Kite miss awak. And I love you most tooooooo! 😀 hehehhehe.

And if you guys remembered, my camera was busted. So how did i take such clear pics???
I did it using…..


THISSSSS!!!!! YYESSSSSSS. Meet my new green camera =D Mum and Dad bought it for me for my 17th Birthday! Thats why I went to Mustafa…. hehhehe. Cant wait to snap more interesting pics!!!!! Hehhe. Alhamdulillah! finally, I have a new camera. And sony cybershot cameras ROCKS! Wanted to get T700. But their colours were boring. And the man said that T77 is sleek and smaller than T700. Also, with the small screen on T77, it gives sharper images. So…. I LOVE IT. I love the colour. I love I love I love.

I love my parents. I thank Allah for blessing me with parents who love me. I thank Allah for blessing me with the most dopest family. And I thank Allah for blessing me with the bestest friends EVER. Alhamdulillah~

Ok. I’m tired. It’s 1:32 am now. 17 years ago, My mum is in labour. Pushing me out. Hhehee. At 1:57 am on 2nd January 1992, I SAID HI TO THE WORLD…..

With shit in my mouth

I’m interesting (:

till then.

I am Extraordinary
If you’d ever get to know me
I am Extraordinary
I’m just your ordinary
Average everday sane psycho, Supergoddess
Average everyday sane psycho


3 thoughts on “SEXYSEXY SEVENTEEN”

  1. TIARA!!! i am so so sorry i didn’t get to celebrate your birthday… i feel so dumb sia….
    HAPPY 17th Birthday girl…. Hopw your wishes come true…
    once again… im sorry, i didn’t know… No one informed me… Im so so sorry…
    we can celebrate anytime yea… no more school mah
    😀 😀

  2. Hehhehehehehehhe!!! YAYYYY. I GOING ON DATE WITH ENNNOOOOO. ME LIKEY! hahahhha =D thank you baaabbeee ((((:

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