HELLO 2009

It’s 2009. ALREADY.
WOAH. haha. since almost everyone has blogged about they’re significant highlights of 2008, I’ll do mine now =)

The fact that I was in secondary four= O LEVELS= PANIC+HARDWORK+MUGGING+COFFEE+LATE NIGHTS.

yes. Panic. I remember feeling lost on the first day of school. I was wondering where were my seniors. I’m the oldest now. (As in, secondary four wise…) I felt scared too. And the counting down of the days to O levels made it all worse. I had less than a year to prepare for O levels. I kept asking myself, “Am i ready?”

The Fallback

Backflash: I broke up on Oct 07.
I thought i was doing soooo soooo fine (with some kind of interest in somebody), but unfortunately, I wasnt.
When school started I reminisced the past. Which was not good at all. Very bad, actually. With that I didnt want to hurt the other party’s feelings so i didnt want to pursue anything. I fought to get my past back. I tried. But it turned out he couldnt make a decision; he couldnt choose between me or her. So i gave it a rest, and gave the girl a chance. I had mine.

The Jerk

The title’s soooo self explanatory. Need I say more?

The Birthday

 Yes, that birthday which left me weak. I couldnt help it. I was disturbed. I relapsed, yet again. Such a loser. I admitted. And I thought it was actually going somewhere, when it wasnt. I simply wasted my time.


My other family. My family where I actually have brothers and sisters (me being the oldest…) call us fanatics, we dont care =D and anyway, we are huge fans of stephenie meyer and the Twilight Saga. With the presence of another Coven (Which thinks they can set out to kill us anytime…) I think life will get a little more interesting in 2009…. Right The Reverandoms? Hahhahahah.


My cousin gave birth to Aryssa. Super cute baby. I can never get enough of her cheeeekkkkkksssssssss. rawr. Hehehe.

The Chaos

A simple anonymous blog post…. Turned ugly. Where somebody just gt really harsh with me. Thats when i thought, “Forget it”

O Levels

Crazy. Madness. Pure Evil. Got my palms all sweaty. My brain almost exploded. My hands got tired of writing anc calculating stuff. Late nights. Daddy’s Coffee. Starbucks. More coffee. And after all of that = FREEDOM.


Only the best poly ever. With the best people. With the best group. Watched the best bands! Met Zam and Hadi and EVERYONE FROM TPRAWKS! Awesome. So so awesome.


Farie and Liyana, the best gfs i can ever ask for. AMAZING how we think almost the same way. haaa. It’s fated. LOL. ROBBOBQOB FOREVER! 😀 Love you guys until forever! hehhehe. xoxo

Basically on 2008, I got alot to be thankful for. Like the lessons I’ve learnt. And the friendships I’ve fostered. And I have to say despite all of the good stuff, I hated 2008. I was brought down to an all time low. And that sucked. Sucked really bad.

Another post later at night I think. When the clock strikes 1:57 am. And hopefully Avi will be home by then so she can send me pictures! ehehehe

Happy new year everyone!
Live life to the fullest, stay happy always,
and take every setback with a pinch of salt (:



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